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21st Century technology has turned the advertising industry upside down and ad effectiveness metrics haven’t caught up. But now there are innovative mobile solutions to get the ad lift data you need to direct spend and maximize ROI in all digital and legacy advertising spaces.

“We had been looking for a better alternative
and we found one with MFour.”

– Michael Provenzano, CEO, Vistar Media

People-Based Ad Metrics

MFour’s first-party consumer panel gives brands and agencies the demographic and psychographic representation they need for fast feedback from real people who’ve been exposed to their ads, whether in a pre-launch test or in-flight measurement.

  • Social Ad Testing — not a simulation, test your ads in the exact social news feeds where consumers will receive them.
  • Out-Of-Home (OOH) metrics — mobile geolocation lets you reach validated, exposed consumers to understand lift in recall, favorability and intent to buy.
  • Digital Brand Studies — now you can get quality feedback from actual, profiled ad recipients instead of guessing with audience models and third-party data.


Advertising Technology & Agency Options

Concept Testing

Display images and media clips to targeted audiences. Security features prevent test content from being copied or shared.

  • Target validated audiences by demographic, ethnographic and location profiles.
  • Collect “video selfies” for vivid, in-their-own-words responses revealing ad creative’s emotional impact.
  • Inject test content into your audiences’ actual social feeds, not simulated environments.


Social Ad Testing

Will your ad break through the social noise? Inject creative into target audiences’ actual personal feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, then fine-tune content, platform selection and ad spend based on what they tell you.

  • Capture reality by testing “in the wild,” not in a simulated feed.
  • First observe shares, likes, clicks, time in view.
  • Then survey for aided and unaided awareness, recall, sentiment and intent.


Digital Brand Studies

Get a true measure of digital ads’ effectiveness with feedback from actual, first-party mobile consumers. You’ll no longer have to rely on inferred metrics derived from multi-sourced, third-party data.

  • Fast mobile survey feedback captures lift in ad recall, brand/product awareness and intent to purchase.
  • Fast, accurate audience representation, including Millennials, Gen Z, Hispanics and African-Americans.
  • Track, intercept and survey brand/product intenders when they visit a relevant store. Did your ad drive them there?


Mobile Out-Of-Home Measurement with Intelligent-OOH™

Connect with real, first-party consumers whose observed location journeys have put them in view of your signs. Finally, OOH advertisers get metrics from validated, thoroughly profiled consumers — no more need to indirectly infer exposed consumers’ characteristics.

  • GPS validates exposure and triggers a survey, with 85% response rates up to two weeks after an exposure.
  • Finally, reality-based metrics on recall, brand/product awareness and intent compared to a non-exposed control group.
  • Follow up with intenders — observe their post-exposure location journeys and survey for ad impact when they’ve entered a relevant store.


Digital Behavior Tracking

Follow opted-in consumers while they travel the web or use their apps. Watch them shop and buy on Amazon.

  • MFour collects rich observed online behavior data with participants’ informed consent.
  • Shopper journeys — which search terms are consumers using? Which results get clicked?
  • Amazon behavior — which products do they look at? What’s in their shopping carts? What do they buy?


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