Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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Atlas Views Data Collection and Reporting Methodology

Product Overview: Atlas Views: Grocery 

Atlas Views: Grocery by MFour provides consumer visitation trends to national grocery channels – both online and off – using single-sourced observed behavioral data.  These visitation trends are further enhanced by customer sentiment trends, collected from customers surveyed at the Point of Emotion® immediately after actual, validated channel visits.

Atlas Views: Grocery trends are projected from more than 4.2 billion monthly location and digital data signals, sourced from more than 100,000 consumers and weighted to reflect the U.S. 18-54 year old population.

All Altas Views: Grocery data is sourced from MFour’s Surveys On The Go® consumer panel, an all-mobile panel that provides cash compensation to consumers in exchange for behavior and opinion data.

Methodology: Panel Sourcing

Behavioral and opinion data for all Atlas Views offerings are sourced from MFour’s Surveys On The Go® mobile application.

  • The app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems in the U.S. market.  The app maintains support for current operating system versions covering 95% of users.  
  • Surveys On The Go® (SOTG) usage is available to anyone over the age of 16 residing in the 50 United States. Atlas is restricted to 18 – 54.
  • Since 2011, SOTG has earned hundreds of thousands of reviews from both platforms and maintained a 4.5+ star rating among users.
  • Users are sourced from a combination of general advertising and organic traffic.  Generally more than 80% of accounts are sourced from organic traffic.
  • Users are offered cash incentives for survey participation and behavior data access.  The amount of incentives can vary widely based on estimated effort and market demand.
  • Behavioral data is collected on a double opt-in standard.  In addition, users are reminded of ongoing data collection.  Users may stop data collection at any time.
  • Surveys On The Go® fully complies with California CCPA Act and provides these rights to any U.S. user, regardless of home state.
  • Users are allowed to cash out at $10 balance.  Users are available at any time to visualize incentive balances.  Cashout options include gift cards and direct payments through Paypal.
  • User Accounts are routinely validated using digital fingerprinting, GPS, and response pattern behaviors to minimize fraud.
  • New Users are profiled through a series of surveys.  Key dynamic demographics variables such as employment, Household Income and marital status are routinely updated.
  • To build and maintain optimal census representation, panel curation systems focus on retention of demographic and psychographic cohorts for the purpose of minimizing or eliminating weighting.

Methodology: Behavioral Data Collection and Reporting 

Altas Views: Grocery behavioral data, including location, as well as app and website visitation signals, is collected after obtaining double-opt in informed consumer consent through the Surveys On The Go® mobile application.

  1. Data is collected from both iOS and Android operating systems. 
SurveyApp & WebBrick & Mortar
iOSJune 2021
  1. Events are captured and transferred on a daily basis.
  2. Raw Data signal patterns are evaluated and adjusted for accuracy and elimination of noise using statistical modeling and machine learning. For example:
    1. App and Web visitations of less than 5 seconds are excluded from the data set.
    2. Location visitations outside of expected location-specific time windows are excluded (e.g. greater than 10 hrs or less than 5 minutes to movie theatres)
    3. Locations are validated with machine learning
    4. Panelists who request their data to be deleted are removed from the data set to comply with CCPA standards.
    5. Apps, Websites, and Locations that do not have at least three months worth of data are not included in the OmniTraffic Trends rankings.
  3. Location visitations determined to be consumer residencies and places of work are removed from the data set.
  4. Behavioral data sets are refreshed every 24 hrs and weighted to U.S. Census at the state level to reflect key demographic segments including but not limited to gender, age, and ethnicity.
  5. The data set does not rely on cookies or any other internet tracking id.  

Methodology: Consumer Sentiment Survey 

Atlas Views: Grocery consumer sentiments are composed of opinions collected from more than 2,000 validated channel visitors (offline) each month.  Opinions are collected within 24 hrs of an observed store visit using the Surveys On The Go® application and GPS technology.  A minimum 300 interviews are completed each month per channel and interview collection is controlled at the daily level with representative adjustments for weekend and weekday volume.

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