Case Study: Fast Insights from Validated Convenience Store Shoppers

Project Details:

  • MFour geofenced all 7-Eleven® store locations across the U.S.
  • Users of the Surveys on the Go® app who naturally shopped at any 7-Eleven® were located as they exited the store.
  • Each GeoValidated® consumer using Surveys on the Go® received an immediate push notification of an after-visit survey opportunity.


  • Conduct a public test of MFourDIY® to show its ability to obtain fast, Point-of-Emotion® data from 7-Eleven shoppers nationwide.
  • Demonstrate the platform’s ability to accomplish quick-turnaround research on an extremely tight deadline.
  • Enable consumer insights professionals to monitor results as they came in by providing public access to the study’s internal Project Tracker.


  • Field a 14-question consumer journey study to reach the announced goal of 200 completed responses to an after-visit survey from validated 7-Eleven shoppers in no more than five hours.


  • The goal of 200 completes was reached in less than 2 1⁄2 hours, half the time allotted.
  • Average completion time was three minutes.
  • Respondents represented key demographics for U.S. smartphone users, including Hispanics (18% of respondents), African Americans (9%), and Asians (7%).
  • Millennial and Gen X consumers accounted for 93% of responses, reflecting MFour’s particular strength in connecting clients with these hard-to-reach groups.

Key Findings:

  • On a scale of one (very unsatisfied) to ten (very satisfied), 78.6% rated the visit an 8 or higher.
  • 38% selected 10.
  • 86% said they were “very likely” to shop again at a 7-Eleven (8 or more on scale of 10)
  • The leading purchases were non-alcoholic beverages (60%), food (37%) and gasoline (33%).
  • Respondents’ main reasons for shopping: buy non- alcoholic beverage (29%), gasoline (27%), food (15%)
  • 11% said they couldn’t find an item they had intended to buy.

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