Case Study: A Revolution in Targeting – Reaching 500 Validated Consumers Without Screening Questions


  • Engage validated, first-party mobile consumers using the Surveys On The Go® research app.
  • Identify and target respondents using location-tracking data from Path-2-Purchase™ Platform.
  • Obtain survey data in a managed-services research project.


A major, nationwide quick-serve restaurant chain (QSR)


  • Understand the effectiveness of an ongoing discount menu promotion.
  • Obtain insights into general QSR breakfast preferences.

Project Details:

  1. Set targeting parameters:
    1. Region: Five South Texas cities.
    2. Frequency: at least two visits to client’s QSRs during breakfast hours in past 30 days.
  2. Set survey parameters:
    1. 100 completes over two weeks in each city.
    2. Field during breakfast hours.
  3. Survey design and execution:
    1. No need to program recall-dependent, stated answer screening questions to identify and qualify client’s frequent breakfast customers.
    2. Field only to location-validated consumers already qualified by observed visits.
    3. Avoid negative respondent experience by making survey concise and screener-free.
    4. Obtain qualitative insights into QSR breakfast preferences by capturing in-their-own words “video selfie” responses re how QSRs “can make your morning better.


  • 65% completion rate; 11:39 mean LOI.
  • Nearly 80% had ordered from the special discount menu.


  • Open-ended responses gave “why” insights into buyers’ purchase motivations.
  • Non-buyers of discount menu items were identified and asked “why.”
  • Study also obtained open-ended responses about brand perceptions and breakfast preferences.