Largest Always On All-Mobile Consumer Panel

Power your research with the largest always on first-party, validated all-mobile consumer panel – 2.5 million U.S. consumers who participate via Surveys On The Go® (SOTG), the industry’s most advanced and highest-rated mobile research app.

  • A commitment to a quality survey experience and fair cash incentives for SOTG users breeds loyalty, engagement and consumer panel growth of 2,000 daily.
  • We play it straight and simple with our consumers: cash incentives only, small appreciation payments for terminated respondents, easy to cash out. No convoluted “points,” “games,” or other unwieldy and unwanted rewards.
  • Consumers’ unique mobile device IDs validate their identities to avoid duplicated responses and prevent fraud.
  • Consumers who participate in GPS location studies double opt-in for passive GPS location tracking.
  • Our in-house help desk responds to consumers’ needs, requests and questions within 24 hours.
  • Our most prized endorsement: SOTG users post enthusiastic reviews every day, and give the app average ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5 at the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Custom Audience/Private Community

For cost-effective, repeatable research, build a validated, first-party consumer panel that’s fully representative of your own business’ target audience.

  • Field your segmentation typing tool across our consumer panel to identify SOTG users who meet your profile criteria. They’re your custom panel.
  • Grow your custom audience organically. SOTG has 2,000 new downloads daily, and new members who match your profile criteria are automatically added to your custom panel.
  • Automatically observe GPS-located buying journeys of every community member.
  • Use Path-2-Purchase® Platform to track by day of week, time of day, duration of visit – across 12.5 million locations.
  • Check their visit histories prior to the current study; observe their movements subsequent to it.
  • Field a survey at any time and place along the buying journey.
  • Study your own consumers, or focus on competitors’ customers.

Behavioral Audience Segments

Here’s a partial list of consumer segments defined by behaviors.

Affluent Shoppers
Arts & Crafts Lovers
Baby Boomers
Bar/Pub Goers
Big Box Shoppers
Business Travelers
Car Owners
Casino Clientele
Coffee Lovers
C-Store Shoppers
Discount Shoppers

Entertainment Enthusiasts
Evening Diners
Fashion Shoppers
Fast Casual Diners
Fast Food Diners
Fitness Enthusiasts
Frequent Bank Customers
Gen X, Gen Z
Gun Owners
Gym Members

Jewelry Shoppers
Late Night Diners
Leisure Travelers
Live Event Attendees
Luxury Shoppers
Male Grocery Shoppers
Morning Diners
Pet Lovers
Pharmacy Regulars
Pizza Lovers

Sit Down Diners
Soccer Moms
Spa Enthusiasts
Sports Enthusiasts
Stay at Home Parents
Theater Goers
Verified Legal Drinking Age
Wine Drinkers
Working Moms
Young Professionals

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