Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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All surveys have an N ≥ 200.
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Survey DateMFour PanelInsight
November 30, 2020App & Web PanelOn Cyber Monday, 84% are shopping on Amazon, 64% at Walmart, 52% at Target.
November 24, 2020App & Web Panel94% of $50k+ earners will shop online for Black Friday.
November 14, 2020App & Web Panel46% are currently ordering takeout 2 to 3 times a week. Doordash is the favorite app.
November 10, 2020App & Web Panel27% of 10+ year Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile users open to switching in next 2 years.
November 1, 2020Standard PanelFor Thanksgiving, 49% will be with extended family, 86% of events will be indoors.
November 1, 2020Standard Panel94% of kids wore masks for Halloween & 63% of parents drank booze while Trick or Treating.
October 26, 2020Standard PanelOn Black Friday, 82% will shop on Amazon, 64% at Walmart and 57% at Target.
October 26, 2020Standard Panel57% will find Black Friday deals via social media channels like Instagram.
October 26, 2020Standard Panel91% say they’ll make unplanned purchases on Black Friday.
October 20, 2020App & Web Panel33% haven’t had a SINGLE date on Hinge, Tinder, Match, and Bumble apps.
October 18, 2020App & Web Panel50% of dating app users have been on an app for 1 year or less.
October 18, 2020App & Web Panel60% of new Hinge dating app users come from unsatisfied Tinder users.
September 26, 2020App & Web Panel29% will buy a new streaming service for access to ONE exclusive piece of content.
September 24, 2020App & Web Panel48% prefer Netflix to alternatives, 66% say they have the easiest navigation.
September 22, 2020App & Web PanelOf phone carrier switchers, 17% did so for better pricing 16% for better experience.
September 19, 2020App & Web Panel36% are more likely to buy from an ad on Instagram that other social media apps.
September 17, 2020App & Web Panel82% prefer TikTok to Instagram Reels, 44% citing ease of use.
September 14, 2020App & Web Panel61% of all consumers shop online 30% of the time.
September 12, 2020Brick & Mortar Panel59% of in-store shoppers and 52% of app shoppers think Amazon has a monopoly.
September 8, 2020App & Web PanelAmazon Prime risks losing 49% to Walmart Plus and Target Shipt.
August 31, 2020App & Web Panel57% enjoyed shopping in Best Buy stores, while 64% enjoyed shopping on their app.
August 25, 2020Brick & Mortar Panel34% of shoppers are uncomfortable with in-person surveys.
August 16, 2020Brick & Mortar PanelFoot traffic has fallen 9% in last 45 days
August 15, 2020Brick & Mortar PanelConsumer goods spending is up 5% nationwide from pre-COVID.
August 13, 2020Brick & Mortar Panel82% of struggling remote workers just need help with their time management.
August 10, 2020Brick & Mortar80% of remote employees feel the same or more productive than when in the office.
August 10, 2020Brick & Mortar55% of managers are concerned about training new employees.
August 2, 2020Brick & Mortar68% of in-store Best Buy shoppers visited the wesite before or during their visit.
August 2, 2020App & Web64% of Best Buy app shoppers did NOT make a purchase online.
July 27, 2020Brick & MortarIf kids don't go back to school in the fall, 52% of parents say they'll spend MORE.
July 13, 2020Brick & Mortar88% are VERY satisfied with self-checkout at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, & Home Depot.
July 13, 2020Brick & Mortar62% ignore point-of-sale items in line at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, & Home Depot.
July 13, 2020App & WebeCommerce is ↑41% in 6 months, more than the last 10 years combined.
July 6, 2020Brick & Mortar42% of consumers are still hesitant to resume routines due to COVID-19.
June 26, 2020Standard75% of consumers prefer you to advertise on TV, followed by social media (67%), and radio (59%).
June 22, 2020Brick & MortarDriving and gas station visitation is up 47% in the last 5 weeks across the United States.
June 15, 2020Brick & Mortar43% of consumers are hesitant to return to normal. Foot traffic shot up, but tapered off.
June 11, 2020App & Web82% of social media users follow influencers, 43% of which say creates higher brand opinion.
June 9, 2020App & WebSocial media channels influence 69% of consumers to make online purchases.
June 8, 2020App & Web52% of gamers research new games on Twitter compared to only 31% on Instagram.
June 1, 2020App & WebSince the outbreak, social media usage is up by 50% to stay in touch with friends & family.
May 29, 2020Brick & MortarIn-store visits in CA, NY, TX, GA, WI, & NV have spiked by 50% in the last six weeks.
May 27, 2020Brick & Mortar36% of shoppers will walk out if you don’t have what they want. No second chances.
May 21, 2020Brick & Mortar56% of in-store shoppers are now using self-service checkouts due to COVID-19.
May 15, 2020Brick & MortarDallas is now just 26% away from pre-COVID-19 foot traffic.
May 7, 2020Brick & Mortar34% of shoppers are unemployed and there is a 24% decline in stockpiling.
April 14, 2020Brick & Mortar72% of in-store shoppers were going beyond preferred brands in light of COVID-19.
April 8, 2020App & Web17% of new app users deciding based on “contactless delivery option” vs.11% of existing app users.
April 2, 2020App & Web 74% of observed app users are ditching brand loyalty in light of the pandemic.
March 31, 2020App & WebCovid-19 has boosted app shopping, but 63% of app shoppers can't find what they need.
March 10, 2020Standard73% of millennials are Amazon Prime members.
March 10, 2020Standard53% of millennials will pay 10% or more for socially responsible brands.
March 10, 2020Standard47% are more likely to purchase digitally native brands that begin in-store.
March 10, 2020Standard74% of millennials own either a Yeti, HydroFlask, or Contigo reusable water bottle.
March 10, 2020Standard76% of millennials who make a return shop after making an in-store return.

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