Digital Brand Studies

Measure effectiveness of digital advertising with data from actual, first-party mobile consumers. A big step forward from less-reliable inferred metrics derived from third-party data. 

  • Fast mobile survey feedback captures lift in ad recall, brand and product awareness and intent to purchase.
  • Accurate representation of prime, 18- to 54-year-old mobile-centric audiences, especially Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z adults, Hispanics and African-Americans.
  • Follow-up with geolocated intenders when they visit a relevant store. See whether your ad drive them there.


Why Digital Brand Studies?

With Digital Brand Studies, validated survey data from first-party consumers means you don’t have to infer who they are and how they’re impacted by exposure to your digital ads.

  • Get actionable ad-effectiveness metrics while campaigns are still in-flight.
  • Focus only on exposed consumers who match the ad’s targeted demographics.
  • Always-on location tracking lets you learn whether stated purchase-intenders actually follow through.



Digital Brand Study Options




Digital Brand Study


  • 100 per cell (control/exposed across both mobile & desktop)
  • QRE template
  • Real-time results dashboard access with data visualization
  • Consumer demographic data (age, gender, ethnicity, region, HHI)
  • Complete data file deliverables
  • 8 weeks of project management
  • Under 24-hour turnaround from campaign completion to raw data deliverable

Digital Brand Study Plus


Digital Brand Study package, PLUS…

  • Cross tabulations deliverable.
  • PPT analysis.
  • 5 day turnaround from campaign completion to analysis deliverable.

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