Digital Brand Study

Now there’s a faster, more cost efficient way to measure the effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns.

You’ll identify actual consumers – members of MFour’s first-party consumer panel, Surveys On The Go® (SOTG) – who have been exposed to your ad, along with a demographically similar control group of unexposed SOTG users.

Then you’ll survey both groups for accurate metrics on lift in awareness of the ad, the brand, the product advertised and intent to purchase.

Continue to observe intenders using GPS consumer-journey tracking. Immediately after they visit a relevant store, survey them to see whether they actually bought your advertised brand or product, validating purchases with photo capture of the receipt. Ask additional questions to get feedback on how important your digital advertising was to each sale.

Why Digital Brand Studies?

  • Get your Digital Brand Study set up within days, not weeks.
  • See and analyze completed interviews in real time.
  • What we deliver: Relevant data in a concise to show how your digital campaign performed.
  • What we avoid: Inundating you with secondary data that makes it more challenging for you to share with your brand clients and executives.
  • First in speed and quality: substantial savings for you in cost as well as time, because we’ve made digital ad measurement more efficient.

Digital Brand Study Options




Digital Brand Study


  • 100 per cell (control/exposed across both mobile & desktop)
  • QRE template
  • Real-time results dashboard access with data visualization
  • Consumer demographic data (age, gender, ethnicity, region, HHI)
  • Complete data file deliverables
  • 8 weeks of project management
  • Under 24-hour turnaround from campaign completion to raw data deliverable

Digital Brand Study Plus


Digital Brand Study package, PLUS…

  • Cross tabulations deliverable.
  • PPT analysis.
  • 5 day turnaround from campaign completion to analysis deliverable.

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