Entertainment Research Solutions

MFour is the pioneer in entertainment research in the Smartphone Era.

Today’s audience is more likely to have a phone in hand than a TV remote. People learn about entertainment on their phones. Increasingly, that’s how they consume it, too.

So it’s just common sense that you should reach them on their phones for your entertainment research.

Entertainment research. Anywhere. Anytime.

You’ll observe and talk to the right people – an audience of 2.5 million first-party consumers, carefully profiled, validated and representative across geography and demographics. Engage them at the Point-of-Emotion® for fast, accurate, deeply-felt opinions about program content, trailers and promos, in-theater experiences and more.

Wanna be an entertainment research superstar?

It all comes down to whether you can answer that famous question from “Jesus Christ, Superstar”: “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening.”

  • Why are audiences buzzing about this show, but not that one?
  • Is the advertising creative ready for prime time?
  • What does it take to create a special buzz to entice audiences and keep them coming back?

Entertainment researchers need to answer these questions every day. You’re always under pressure to get the data fast and tell a compelling, accurate story about consumers’ engagement with programming and advertising. We’re here to put you on the path to entertainment research superstardom.

Solutions for Entertainment

Industry decision-makers need to know the buzz in real time.

MFour delivers the data fast, so you can tell them what’s happening and why.

  • Overnight testing of trailers and TV spots.
  • Immediate feedback on shows from validated viewers.
  • Social and Digital ad testing.
  • Real-time GPS theater exit-surveys.
  • Home entertainment shoppers (Retail and Digital).

Entertainment Research Options

MPAA-Certified Security Standards

Job one in entertainment content testing and ad testing is keeping your intellectual property safe. You need partners you can trust for ironclad security to prevent spoilers, piracy and any other unauthorized sharing of your content. The Motion Picture Association of America has declared mobile content testing “safer than traditional online testing.”

As Amy Jones, Warner Bros Pictures Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Market Research, attests, “MFour has gone above and beyond on the security front.”

Here’s how it’s done.

  • MFour’s mobile research app, Surveys On The Go®, controls the environment in which test clips are exposed while entertainment consumers evaluate them.
  • They can see and hear your content, but they can’t download, take a screenshot or otherwise move it out of the app for copying or sharing.
  • You can specify a single playback only.
  • Your safeguards also include the unique device IDs on test-recipients’ phones. We know exactly where your test clips have gone.


Overnight Testing of Trailers and TV Spots

We test the whole campaign: teasers, theatrical, TV spots.

  • Which trailers and TV spots will perform the best? And with which audiences?
  • Test ad effectiveness on the actual target audience. Segment by demographic profiles and known genre preferences.
  • Can you afford not to include traditionally hard-to-reach Millennials, Hispanics and African Americans? Our all-mobile, first-party consumer panel has them.
  • Use heatmaps to evaluate and fine-tune still images for billboards, posters and print.

Series Health and Maintenance

You know your ratings. Now get the “why” that explains the numbers.

  • Track the audience’s week-to-week engagement.
  • MFour does not use a “recruit to view” methodology. We talk to organic viewers, just after an exposure.
  • Get quick-turnaround data fast enough to report results the next day.
  • Types of studies: Gauge audience responses to season premieres and final episodes. Get viewer reaction to weekly episodes. Collect data for mid-season reports.

Home Entertainment Shoppers (Retail and Digital)

Learn what validated category consumers want from physical entertainment software, including video games, Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs and Vinyl LPs.

Observe natural category shoppers’ visits to Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others. Then use GPS exit surveys for real-time feedback about their shopping experiences and validated purchases.

Accompany shoppers as they evaluate selection, displays, promotions, product placement and pricing.

Real-time Theater Exit-Surveys (GPS)

Field exit interviews across all theaters nationwide. Survey your target audiences just as they leave, fully validated and without the drawbacks of in-person intercepts.

Learn what they experienced in your theater today, not last week. 25% response rate within one hour, 50% within 24 hours.

  • Are your moviegoers happy with their big screen viewing experience?
  • Is your ticket pricing optimal? Are loyalty plans working?
  • Are seating, picture and sound quality OK? Why or why not?
  • How about concessions, restrooms and lobby experiences?

Test Creative Content for Film and TV

Reach pre-profiled consumers who match a production’s target audience. Get fast feedback to guide creative decisions.

  • What’s the best title for your film or show?
  • Do the stars you might cast excite your audience?
  • Is an established TV or film franchise’s audience OK with new characters, plot developments and cast members?

Social Media Ad Testing

MFour’s Social Ad Testing is the only way for entertainment brands to receive instant pre-launch feedback on their social campaigns’ messaging, copy and design. 92% of social media use is on mobile and Social Ad Testing with first-party mobile consumers is exclusive to MFour.

See reality in action by injecting your social media ads into your target audiences’ actual news feeds on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. See how test ads perform when they’re competing for attention with everything else in your recipients’ social flow. It’s not just a simulation; test audiences don’t know it’s a test until you tell them.

Observe their ad interactions (clicks, shares, likes, viewing duration). Then survey them about ad recall, program awareness and intent to watch. Finally, re-inject the ad, alert them to it and get feedback on the advertising creative.

High scores tell you you’re ready to launch your trailer or promo clip. Negative feedback guides revisions. Repeat until ready.

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