Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

Download the infographic to get visibility into digital buying behavior. See exactly who's buying on apps now—and why.

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Built for what you value most: in-the-moment insights.

Man leaving store with chips and looking at phone

Gather in-the-moment insights as shoppers exit your stores.

Capture shopper opinions naturally as they exit your stores.

Ask them about:

  • Store layout.
  • Atmosphere.
  • Products.
  • Service.
  • Checkout.
  • Anything.

Gain multiple, in-depth insights to drive increased sales and market share.

Shoes in boxes on Shelf

We helped one major retailer find another $14 million per day…

You do research on your buyers based on their receipt data.

But, what about your non-buyers?

To find the real missing revenue, you’ll need to talk with the consumers that walk out of your stores empty-handed… and ask key questions such as:

“Why didn’t you make a purchase today?”

In-store realities in 5 easy steps:

Man walking with phone

Step 1) Segment your target audience by demographics and historical shopping behavior.

Step 2) Select your own store chains (or your competitor’s store chains).

Step 3) Mobile surveys fire at the Point of Emotion® as consumers exit your stores to collect the most accurate feedback about their shopping experience while it’s top of mind.

Step 4) In addition to survey questions, in-their-own words “video selfies” enrich understanding.

Step 5) Get in-the-moment consumer input on in-store realities.

MFour’s proprietary ability to provide Behavior-Driven Research™ can even give in-depth intelligence on how shoppers perceive your stores vs. alternative options.

See how one major retailer found another $14 million per day…

ExperienceCheck™ is built for what researchers value most:



Survey a first-party panel of opted-in, validated consumers, while they’re naturally shopping in-store, to avoid bias inherent in pre-selected “mystery shopper” methodologies.



A large, demographically representative panel of mobile consumers lets you achieve your quotas—including Millennials, Gen Z, Hispanics and African-Americans.



To maintain a high completion speed and rate, we use instant push notifications, highly-qualified panelists, agile data cleaning, a native app and cash incentives.


ProductList PriceOverview
SPSS or CSV files.
Up to 300 exit surveys.
Access to real-time dashboard.
Location mapping of up to 1,000 locations.
Suggested QRE template (7-10 minutes LOI).
ExperienceCheck™ Plus$16,500
SPSS or CSV files.
Up to 300 exit surveys.
Access to real-time dashboard.
Eight weeks of project management.
Location mapping of up to 1,000 locations.
Cross-tab report and template analysis deck.
Suggested questionnaire template (7 to 10 minutes LOI) with 8 hours of consultation.

Why upgrade to ExperienceCheck™ Plus?

Are your goals extra-ambitious and complex?

MFour has the knowledge and resources to help you achieve them.

Our full-service, in-house market research team provides customized consulting, research and analysis you can add to any market research product.

Customers who choose a Plus package work directly with MFour experts who understand your business, challenges and goals. ExperienceCheck™ Plus gives you all the benefits of our regular ExperienceCheck™ products, and…

  • Analysis of data.
  • Cross-tabulation with stat testing.
  • Up to 8 hours of QRE consultation.

Ready to reach your target audience?

  • Get projects done fast
  • Field location-based surveys
  • Track 10 million, daily journeys
  • Talk to real, first-party consumers
  • Collect digital and online behavior
  • Subscriptions are also available…

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