Full Service Consulting

MFour is the leader in mobile research technology and the leading provider of first-party consumer panelists for mobile research. MFour is also a full-service market research company that provides A to Z consulting and project execution. Brands turn to MFour as a sole partner for one-stop research solutions. Market research firms enlist MFour for project design and execution, and for white-label reports. Why does it matter that MFour is the Swiss Army Knife of mobile research? There is, of course, the benefit of working with a trustworthy, one-stop market research shop for customized projects that meet your exact specifications. But there’s the added advantage of working with a company that not only knows how to use the most advanced technology for successful market research, but is the technology’s creator. MFour does full-spectrum research uniquely well because it’s unique in having created the toolbox that has made advanced mobile-app research the definitive consumer insights solution for the Smartphone Era.

“Their team is really great to work with. It’s easy to integrate with their products, and their support and customer service is top notch.”

Michael Provenzano CEO and Co-founder Vistar Media

“We recommend MFour because of their methodology, their panel and because they’re a good team to work with.”

Amy Jones Vice President, Worldwide Marketing-Market Research Warner Bros. Pictures

A Collaborative Spirit

Mobile research technology and survey operations and data analysis teams must function seamlessly in collaboration so that clients can benefit fully from special mobile-app research capabilities. Here are our teams, what they do and how they work in sync to deliver the quality full-service research that you and your stakeholders can rely on to help you make the best business decisions.

The Team On Your Side

When you work with MFour you get three-way consultation and service from three cohesive and collaborative teams with one point of contact.

Research Technology: Labs & Engineering (L&E)

Here’s where the technology comes from. MFour builds on its mobile-app inventions with ongoing innovation and quality assurance. L&E is an always busy Santa’s workshop for smooth-functioning smartphone survey and data-tracking products that elevate our partners’ research.

  • The groundbreaking Surveys On The Go® mobile research app is L&E’s baby.
  • The team continues to find ways to make it faster, smarter and more versatile — the most proven, highest-reaching technology in a hugely competitive research-tech field.
  • MFour technologists are the leading force behind the rapid advancement of market research in the Smartphone Era, always discovering new ways to uncork and perfect the immense data opportunities embedded in the devices consumers rely on to navigate their lives.

Research Operations

It takes special expertise and experience to conceive, design, program and field state-of-the-art mobile research with a client’s objectives in mind – all the while giving constant, loving attention to the care and feeding of the all-mobile consumer panel everyone’s depending on for thoughtful engagement and accurate data. Nobody else has these operational capabilities under a single roof, complemented by tech backup to make adjustments and solve problems quickly when the need arises. In mobile research, survey design and programming are a special art that requires special expertise.

  • Knowing how to design questions to be clear and easy for smartphone respondents.
  • Consulting closely on questionnaires if you want to write them yourself.
  • Advising when to use special capabilities unique to mobile research, including GPS location tracking and multimedia content.
  • Including red-flag questions for fraud prevention. We always insert trap questions that robot respondents and human speeders can’t answer, separating them from engaged respondents who easily get them right.
  • Fielding includes best practices such as soft launches.
  • Data cleaning occurs in real time as completes come in.
  • Cleaned and validated data posts immediately to the project tracker so analysis can begin without waiting for full results.

Data Analysis and Reporting Team

Besides partnering with us for research technology and first-party consumer data quality, full service clients benefit from a special MFour passion for understanding what the data means. Here are some of the hallmarks of our Senior Research Consultants (SRCs), who oversee full-service projects and create your deliverables. Besides reporting the findings clearly, they advise clients on what it means to solving their business problems or identifying and exploiting new business opportunities.

  • Your SRC oversees a multipronged data attack: how it’s sourced and collected, and how data quality is assured.
  • SRCs’ analysis extracts key data points that illuminate the client’s business challenges.
  • They assess the data’s business implications and make reality-based recommendations for problem-solving action.
  • They craft reports in the data formats you need, making your presentations easy to understand.

Algorithmic analytics and modeling based on third-party data won’t give you deep and reliably accurate insights into consumer behavior. Technology and automation can’t do it all, because both consumer behavior and the insight to understand it are uniquely human functions. Our Senior Research Consultants bring decades of combined data analysis experience, and the most important human factor of all: the dedication to approach each project as a unique opportunity to help clients succeed.

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