Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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Discover the true in-store and at-home product experience, at the Point of Emotion®.

Collect validated, in-the-moment feedback across 10 million daily consumer journeys.

Get real-time results, so you aren’t waiting on lagging sales data.

Understand in-store perceptions and at-shelf purchase barriers.

Gather valuable in-home product usage information and feedback.

A complete picture of the product experience.

You spend significant time, effort and resources developing and rolling out your products – but how can you be sure customers will like and purchase them once they’re in-store or taken home? Despite best efforts to test products prior to their release, how they’re placed and merchandised in the real world determines whether they fly off the shelves – or collect dust.

MFour’s In-Market Product Evaluation delivers natural, in-the-moment feedback about shelf-level performance – combined with at-home experience data – giving you a complete picture and deeper insights into what makes your product successful. By leveraging our panel of 10 million daily consumer journeys, GPS-triggered in-store surveys, and in-app photo/video capture technologies, In-Market Product Evaluation provides a wealth of physical, intent and behavioral information to help you understand the “why” behind your sales numbers, and optimize strategies to improve them.

See your product through the customer’s eyes.

MFour’s Surveys On The GoTM mobile app captures real-time feedback from natural shoppers as they browse the isles, and asks them to take photos of your products while they’re in the store. You’ll see how your packaging stands up to real-world conditions, how it fits in the space, and how it looks compared to competing products that share shelf space. You can use this valuable information to optimize package design, shelving and displays, and improve the consumer experience.

Gain insight into at-home product performance.

See the full consumer journey to fruition with at-home trial feedback. You’ll gain insights into occasions for use, how your product fits into consumers’ everyday lives, satisfaction levels and intent to buy again. MFour’s platform even prompts users to record selfie videos to provide vivid insights in their own words, allowing you to see your product in the home – and in their hands. With detailed, first-hand information about how and when customers use your product, you can fine-tune marketing strategies and advertising for maximum impact.

Get immediate, actionable feedback across the buyer’s journey.

While blind surveys and secret shoppers offer relevant insight, they’re costly, prone to bias and hard to deploy. MFour’s real-time, verified consumer feedback can help you truly understand the impact of shelf-level interaction and at-home trials on product success – quickly and cost-effectively. With a full view of the product journey, you can craft robust and informative stories, providing better feedback and understanding to your team for effective, data-driven decision-making.

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