MFour announces Ad Testing; combining data science and market research.

MFour announces Ad Testing; combining data science and market research.


June 22, 2022 — MFour, the leader in behavior-driven survey research, has announced a new data-driven Ad Testing product, which will combine behavioral data science with unique market research. By bridging the gap between ad testing and ad buying decisions, customers can leverage data for precise consumer targeting upon activation of their ad campaign, based on validated, observed consumer behaviors.

“Offering businesses relevant and valid market research is a core principle of MFour. Businesses use our data with the reassurance that it has been sourced from opt-in participants and is based on observed behaviors,” said Jeff Harrelson, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of MFour. “Ad Testing allows users to more precisely target consumer demographics by making decisions based on mobile data from a vast and diverse panel of consumers.”

What makes it different:

  • Precise targeting: Instead of relying on stated, demographic data, Ad Testing allows users to target consumers for survey participation based on observed behaviors.
  • Behavior-driven testing: Customers use behavior data to determine what people who liked their ad are doing online and offline, allowing them to target consumers when activating their ad campaign based on validated behaviors, such as location visits, app usage, web click stream, and mobile purchases.
  • Everything users can expect from MFour: Cost-effective, fast mobile-based research, with normative benchmarks by industry, providing clients with the context needed to formulate the when, where, and how of marketing decisions. 

The bottom line: Users will be able to combine survey results with real-time behavioral data, delivering insights into what websites, apps and physical locations target customers visit. Ultimately, there is a disconnect between how ads are tested, bought, and sold. MFour unites these processes by giving users more valid insights by targeting based on behavior profile, versus demographics. With Ad Testing, users will receive insights into behaviors of the best performing target ad group, where to reach customers, and where to activate the ads they just tested. 

Coming soon: Ad Testing is just the first step in enhancing market researching, with new features to soon follow on the MFour Studio that will offer even more insight into behavior-driven data. 

About MFour
MFour introduced the Surveys On The Go® (SOTG) mobile app in 2011, building the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer behavior and survey panel that tracks more than 10 million daily customer journeys. We combine behavioral Fair Trade Data™ data with mobile consumer surveys, captured at the point of emotion, to provide clients with an omnichannel view of the what, where, when and why behind consumer shopping behavior – online, in-store and in between. MFour gives brands an accurate, unique view of consumer behavior throughout their journey, so they can quickly adapt to changes and make informed business decisions that drive revenue.

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