MFour announces Persona Views™: the first omnichannel consumer journey platform.

MFour announces Persona Views™: the first omnichannel consumer journey platform.


First-ever SaaS tool offers app and web + brick and mortar visibility into shopping behavior of 100,000 demographically balanced consumers.

Today, MFour Mobile Research announced Persona Views™, part of MFour Studio™: the world’s first consumer journey platform. Built on 100,000 demographically balanced consumers, Persona Views™ touches all three channels, for app, web, and in-store insights.

Subscribers can also trend consumer sentiment — like satisfaction and trip types. This gives them the ability to dig in deep and uncover unique behaviors, then survey for the details.

“For 8 years now,” says MFour CEO’s Chris St. Hilaire, “we’ve set the mobile consumer panel standard. Surveys On The Go® is the nation’s largest, highest-rated survey app. Now, clients can see opted-in consumer paths to a purchase — data they just can’t get anywhere else.”

With millions of daily journeys, Persona Views™ offers an unparalleled look at app, web and in-store shopping trends. Subscribers can use the data for product placement and advertising. Then, survey when trends emerge for a complete picture of consumer behavior. 

Says St. Hilaire, “Consumers are dynamic and especially post-COVID, it’s critical to get visibility into the omnishopper journey. With cookies and IDFA’s going away, you need an opted-in first-party panel that has been paid fairly to share their data and insights.” 

Interested parties can visit this page for a free 7-day trial account. Grocery views available now.

About MFour:

Better outcomes on MFour Studio: the first platform to behave like your consumer. Using the nation’s most downloaded, highest-rated, and only Apple-approved data collection and survey app, MFour has finally united market research and data science. 

MFour Studio is the only place for real-time app, web, and foot traffic united with validated consumer surveys for unprecedented insights to help you capture the modern consumer’s attention.

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