Measure On-Shelf Visibility and Appeal

ProductCheck™ captures natural, GeoValidated® category shoppers’ in-store, in-the-moment opinions about products, their placement and their packaging, helping brands and researchers gain multiple, in-depth insights to drive increased sales and basket share.

In-store mobile surveys conducted at the Point-of-Emotion® collect feedback at the exact moment a product is being viewed and evaluated against the competing brands that surround it. In-their-own words “video selfies” enrich understanding and verify that the respondent has seen and evaluated the product.

Brands and researchers get immediate consumer opinions on product placement and visibility (is it easy to find?), whether packaging stands out and attracts, and whether the product’s in-the-moment shelf appeal is sufficient to influence intent to purchase. MFour’s proprietary ability to provide Behavior Driven Research™ can even give in-depth intelligence on how shoppers perceive competing products and brands.

Why Choose ProductCheck™?

  • Speed and Accuracy: Survey natural, in-store category shoppers to avoid bias inherent in pre-selected “mission” and “mystery shopper” methodologies.
  • Representation and segmentation: A large, demographically representative, first-party panel of opted-in mobile consumers lets you achieve your quotas, including Millennials, Gen Z, Hispanics and African-Americans.
  • Privacy-protected data: ProductCheck™ respondents are doubly opted in and deeply engaged. They download Surveys On The Go®, the highest-rated mobile research app, then enabled GPS location tracking.

ProductCheck™ Pricing






  • Sample size of up to 200 test surveys
  •  GeoValidated® locations: up to 1,000
  •  Suggested QRE template (7 to 10 minutes LOI)
  •  Real-time project dashboard
  •  SPSS or CSV files


ProductCheck™ Plus


  • Sample size of up to 200 test surveys
  • GeoValidated® locations: up to 1,000
  • Suggested QRE template (7 to 10 minutes LOI) and 8 hours of QRE consultation
  • Real-time project dashboard
  • SPSS or CSV files
  • Cross-tabulation report and templated analysis deck


Why Upgrade to ProductCheck™ Plus?

Are your goals extra-ambitious and complex? MFour has the knowledge and resources to help you achieve them. Our full-service, in-house market research team provides customized consulting, research and analysis you can add to any market research product. Customers who choose a Plus package work directly with MFour experts who understand your business, challenges and goals.

ProductCheck™ Plus gives you all the benefits of our regular ProductCheck™ products, Plus…

  • Up to 8 hours of QRE consultation.
  • Crosstabulation with stat testing.
  • Analysis of data.


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