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30 Minute Mobile Surveys? Yes, Here’s How.


Want 30+ Minute Mobile LOI’s?
“You’ll Have to Do Better Than This.”

Mobile Friendly

On our native app, incidence and completion rates on 20-30 minute mobile surveys have been consistent at 25% response and 90% plus completion.

Researchers have questioned how we’ve achieved those numbers. Well, the answer rests in the format because in the end, “it’s all about the user experience.” It’s actually a pretty simple proposition, if it’s a “clunky experience” respondents abandon their survey, if it’s fluid they finish.

In the early days of any new methodology, there’s confusion about the best implementation techniques, with many people using similar terms to describe very different methods of conducting research.

Our platform application is native, which means technology is built directly into the phone, allowing respondents to engage in surveys built for their device, take pictures, record video and receive push notifications directly onto their phones. That means that respondents aren’t dependent upon a cell signal or wifi because entire surveys are cached on a respondent’s phone.

To demonstrate, we tested and compared the response rates from three separate mobile formats: Native App, Mobile Web and Mobile Friendly. See below:

Mobile Survey Drop Off Rates

Source: 2,139 surveys, 713 on each platform. Each survey ranges between 200 – 1,500 responses. Surveys conducted March 2014 – December 2014.

As you can see, we had a 5% drop off on our native app compared with 25% for mobile optimized and 70% for mobile friendly.

When you move to mobile, run your own comparison and you’ll see that native apps provide a better experience for users, increase completion rates and get you better data for your clients. If you would like more information about the benefits of going native, fill out the contact us form below or give us a call.

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