Find your customer. Any channel, any time.

Studio – All-in-one platform for consumer research. Discover validated survey + behavior data on customer app, web, & in-store behaviors across any channel, at any time.


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Consumer discovery made possible, not pricey.

Use survey + behavior data to discover the why behind consumer decisions.
With real survey responses you can make real-time decisions.
Integrate your own data with Studio and use it as part of your reporting.
You’ve done the research now ask the right questions and validate your findings after you survey your audience.

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Level up against the big players in your industry.

From startups to Fortune 100 corporations, Studio is the go-to choice for professionals across the business spectrum.

  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Small Business
  • Financial
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Development
  • Global Analytics
  • Alternative Data


Start simple, scale to sophisticated.

Studio is easy-to-onboard, easy-to-use. With little to no learning curve, everyone has the power to create run, layer, and analyze their own consumer research—from continuous discovery to validated decisions. 

Survey Pulse

Discover the motivation behind customer decisions by analyzing behavioral and survey data. Then, organize it in workbooks for ease of use and collaboration — and immediately make decisions.

Survey Pulse
Survey Pulse

Persona Views

You have the data. Now, make sense of it. Break consumers into distinct groups and quickly visualize consumer information with charts and graphs. Trust us: Trends are simpler to spot this way.

Persona Views
Persona Views

Journeys Marketplace

Brick-and-mortar data. App-gathered stats. Web-based responses. All united. Effortlessly use, license, and export it all for testing, analysis, and action, regardless of your platform of choice.

Journeys Marketplace
Journey's Marketplace

Survey Builder

Why play guessing games when you could get answers directly from consumers? Build, program, and launch surveys that track standard and behavioral metrics in minutes.

Survey Builder
Survey Builder

Continuous consumer discovery

Your consumers are always active, your research should be too. 

2.5 Billion

App, Web & Location Events

Updates daily.

“The future of consumer data.”

Dr. Gavan Fitzsimons, Professor of Marketing and Psychology

Buyers are unique.

It takes more than just a survey to plan effective campaigns. With Studio you can easily identify consumer personas, fine-tune your pitches, create outstanding products, and achieve peak performance for your business.


Stop monkeying around with surveys 

Things can get Hairy when it takes months to get your survey data. Studio provides you with fast and reliable survey solutions that are verified by GeoValidation®. With our survey solutions, you can move forward faster.


Point of Emotion®

Behaviors and validated surveys working together for the complete view of your consumer.

Experience Studio

Try our software for free with full access for 7 days! We’re confident that you’ll love it as much as we do. No commitment required—just explore all the features and see how it can benefit your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your operations. Sign up now!

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