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4 Insights about App Use in a Mobile-Centric World




Statistics about the booming popularity of mobile apps, and their potential for generating revenue, are as abundant these days as snowflakes in Switzerland. Here are some telling insights about mobile app use compiled by Yahoo!’s Flurry Analytics division:

  • The average American now spends 133 minutes per day consuming media via mobile apps – including video entertainment apps such as Netflix and Hulu, and social apps such as Facebook and Snapchat.
  • These nearly 2¼ hours of in-app daily media consumption exceed “everything else consumers do on mobile, including messaging, email, exchanging photos, using maps, shopping, etc.,” writes Yahoo! Senior Vice President Simon Khalaf.
  • Teens who’ve grown up with smartphones and apps are leading drivers of in-app media’s growth, Flurry finds. The conclusion is that social sharing of media is no fad, but a fundamental new way of making connections.
  • “Large communities [are] forming around streamed content and hours spent on it,” Khalaf asserts. “This is reality TV pushed to its limits.”

The numbers tell us that something’s happening here. But quantifying the rapid move to mobile apps, as Flurry has done, is only half the task confronting marketers and researchers. They also need to understand the human element – the motivations and specific behaviors that are unknowable unless you ask the people who are flocking to mobile apps to explain themselves.


Sure, it’s important to know the answers to “how much” and “how many” that Big Data can reveal. But absent the human dimension, consumer insights won’t be as vivid as they need to be.


It takes special technology and a smartphone-centric panel to do app-based research, and MFour’s DIY platform now enables you to target consumers based on the apps they use. With its easy-to-use interface, you can design and field a survey in less than an hour. There’s also GPS-enabled technology that lets you field location-based studies and receive real time data while a respondent is shopping at a store that’s relevant to your study. Or you can wait a bit and field the survey just after that shopper has left the store. Questions and answers can be enriched with multimedia. For example, you can ask panelists to comment on an image or video clip that you send them, or ask them to make a video selfie in which they answer your questions vividly and in their own words.


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