Automotive Research

Smartphones are car shoppers’ best friends. Even when they’re at your dealership, mobile consumers are gathering information and considering alternatives to buying from you.

Now you can turn their smartphones into your best friends, too. Advanced mobile Behavior Driven Research™ data gives you powerful insights into car shoppers’ behaviors and attitudes at every step along the path to purchase in both physical and digital space.

You need to know the “why” behind the automotive buy if you’re going to get them to buy from you. Here’s how.

“An intuitive mobile research platform.”

– Cox Automotive 

The New Challenge in Automotive Research

Better car-shopping experiences are crucial to boosting sales. The challenge for auto industry researchers is to help drive better experiences. Advanced mobile research gets you reliable shopper experience data from actual, validated car shoppers at any point in their buying journeys.

Automotive Research Options

In-Dealership Research

What happens in the showroom doesn’t stay in the showroom, if you’re right there to survey car-shoppers about what they’re experiencing.

  • Follow consumers into dealerships (or automotive parts and repair shops) nationwide. Ask why they came.
  • Capture shopping experiences at the Point-of-Emotion®.
  • “Video selfies” made on their phones give you vivid, in-their-own-words feedback.


After-Visit Surveys

Recall bias is one of automotive researchers’ worst enemies. Defeat it by talking to validated shoppers just after they’ve left a dealership, repair shop or auto parts store.

  • Ask shoppers how test drives made them feel about the car and the dealership.
  • Get evaluations of how well dealership staff treated them and met their needs.
  • Learn whether negotiations were acceptable or alienating. 


Observe Car Shoppers’ Buying Journeys on Path-2-Purchase® Platform

Now you can track opted-in, first-party shoppers all along their car-buying journeys from dealership to dealership and from week to week. Observe pre-profiled consumers’ validated visits, then segment and survey the audiences you need to understand – including Millennials, Hispanics/Latinos and African-Americans.

  • Observe visits to dealerships by day, time and duration.
  • Observed departures followed by quick returns indicate likely test-drives.
  • All historical visits are archived in Path-2-Purchase® Platform.


Competitive Intelligence

All the mobile research features and capabilities you can use to understand your own consumers are just as effective in giving you a deep understanding of your competitors’ consumers.

  • Engage with your competitor’s loyalists at the Point-of-Emotion®.
  • Append historical location journeys and profiling data with survey data to gain contextual consumer understanding.
  • Target Consumers by their apps and devices for 100% efficiency and speed.


Social Media Ad Testing

Will your ad break through the social noise? Inject your automotive creative into target audiences’ actual personal feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Fine-tune content and ad spend based on what they tell you, then launch your campaign with confidence.

  • This test captures reality because it happens “in the wild,” not in a simulated social feed.
  • First observe shares, likes, clicks, time in view.
  • Then survey for aided and unaided awareness, recall, sentiment and intent.


Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Measure the impact of automotive advertising campaigns across channels – showroom displays and brochures, billboards and other out-of-home, digital online and mobile apps, TV, print and radio.

  • Metrics are based on natural, validated ad-exposures experienced by pre-profiled, first-party mobile consumers who fit the campaign’s target demographics.
  • Mobile representation easily includes Millennial, Hispanic/Latino and African-American automotive consumers.


Target Users of Automotive Apps

Target car shoppers by the apps they use – for example, advisory apps such as and TrueCar. Target users of ride-share apps (Lyft and Uber) or mass-transit apps for insights into how these alternatives impact consumers’ desire to own or lease a vehicle.

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