Track validated perception & behavior metrics with vTracker+™

Leverage MFour to build a personalized recurring snapshot of validated, trended & benchmarked survey data enriched with real-time OmniTraffic® behaviors, which empowers data-driven business decisions aligned with your goals.

v = validated consumer feedback

+ = adds validated consumer app, web, & location behavior trends

Escape meaningless data. 
Connect with validated consumers.

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We Eliminate:
Recall bias – fraud – delayed insights – falling completes – limited competitive benchmarking – lack of representation.

Here’s How: 
We use validated & observed app, web, & location visits to trigger Point of Emotion® surveys completed within 24 hours of an experience.

To Help You Prevent:
Negative ROI, overspending, subpar products, poor decisions.

Back your decisions with meaningful data, not hunches.

Measure OmniTraffic® FairTrade™ consumer data that has been independently validated and visualized on a single dashboard.

Start getting a return on your research. How vTracker+™ works ⬇️

vTracker+TM employs a validated method to capture survey responses at the point of emotion, ensuring you’re not just collecting data, but tapping into immediate, genuine reactions. This approach provides a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Beyond traditional survey responses, vTracker+TM incorporates behavioral data, offering a comprehensive view of your audience. This dual-data approach enriches your understanding, blending what your customers say with what they actually do.

Understanding that every business has unique priorities, vTracker+TM is designed to be fully customizable. This means the dashboard will focus specifically on the questions and metrics that matter most to your team. By honing in on these key areas, you gain more relevant and impactful insights.

One of the standout features of vTracker+TM is its built-in trending and comparative capabilities. This allows your team to track changes over time and make comparisons against various benchmarks or historical data. Such insights are crucial for identifying patterns, anticipating market shifts, and staying ahead of the curve.

With immediate and in-depth insights, vTracker+TM empowers your leadership to make quicker, more informed decisions. Whether adjusting strategies or tailoring product offerings, the data provided by vTracker+TM is a key asset in making confident, strategic choices.

vTracker+™ - Create validated surveys

Go beyond qualitative 

Presented on Studio – smart features & simple outcomes.

Unify & empower your team with a deep consumer understanding supported by easily comprehensible insights all in one platform.

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Presented on Studio - smart features & simple outcomes.
  • Offer stakeholders clear insights into business performance.
  • Get notified about KPI changes.
  • Easily update dashboard KPIs as business goals evolve.
  • Flexible data export – export charts or data from your dashboard into reports: PPTX, XLSX or CSV.

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