Competitive Intelligence

Scores of academic studies have shown that emotional responses to products and shopping experiences are integral to consumers’ purchasing decisions. What’s needed for effective Competitive Intelligence research is a practical way to get close to rivals’ shoppers, so you can watch and listen at what we call the Point-of-Emotion®. Here’s how you’ll connect naturally and unobtrusively with validated, first-party mobile consumers, to understand the emotional “why” that underlies behaviors.

Engage at the Point-of-Emotion®

Competitive Intelligence at the Point-of-Emotion®: See and hear what 2 million first party validated mobile shoppers feel.

Track Consumer Behavior

How Advanced Location Tracking Is Transforming Competitive Intelligence all Along the Path to Purchase

Target Consumers with 100% Accuracy

Target Consumers by their Apps and Devices for 100% Efficiency and Speed

Contextualize with Appended Data

Append a Dossier on Your Competitors’ Customer Journeys

Engage Consumers at the Point-of-Emotion®

Mobile technology is redefining what it means to engage consumers in real-time, person-to-person survey research, and expanding what you can accomplish.

  • Advanced GPS-enabled location technology tracks validated, first-party consumers to a competitor’s store.
  • Initiate a survey invitation within minutes of shoppers starting their visit, or with push notifications as they exit.
  • Capture “video selfies” to get real-time audio/visual competitive intelligence.
  • Photos of receipts or items validate purchases of competitors’ products.
  • Follow up with a user-satisfaction survey, to understand consumers’ feelings and opinions at the point of consumption.

Track Consumer Behavior

With the right technology you can tag along with and observe  opted-in consumers wherever they go across America.

Target Consumers by their Apps and Devices for 100% Efficiency and Speed

  • A competitor’s app on a consumer’s phone tells you you’ve found a prime source of intelligence on brand, category and experiences.
  • Target non-buyers and brand resisters by reaching out to consumers who only use a competitor’s app.
  • Get brand insights by manufacturer (Samsung vs. Apple), operating system (iOS vs. Android) and mobile carrier.
  • Probe for competitive insights by matching first-party consumers’ telecomm preferences with their other characteristics, including demographic and ethnographic.
  • Validation by app, operating system or mobile carrier eliminates the need for screening questions that call for stated answers.
  • Target consumers by app use, then track their GeoValidated® visits to retail locations to study behaviors and preferences in both the digital and the brick and mortar retail realms.

Append a Dossier on Your Competitors’ Customer Journeys

Acquire data sets showing opted-in mobile consumers’ 24/7 movements over time, as they journey from place to place, including to your competitors’ locations.

  • Who: validated, first-party, nationally representative consumers who use the top-rated, high-engagement research app, Surveys On The Go®.
  • Where: 12.5 million geofenced U.S. locations, including all of the top 1,000 retailers.
  • When: location observation is always on, giving you frequency, duration and time of day of all consumer visits to your competitors’ locations.
  • What: append location data to survey data to contextualize what consumers have just told you. Get a record of their movements before and after they took your survey.