Validate your research, on a single platform.

Validated Consumers
Validated Consumers
OmniTraffic® Behaviors
OmniTraffic® Behaviors
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Validated Surveys
End-to-End Platform
End-to-End Platform

MFour blends validated survey data + behavior data to give you real-time insights visualized on one user-friendly platform.

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Quotation Mark Traditional market research is fragmented, resulting in chaotic and unreliable data. Closing quotation mark

Chris St. Hilaire, CEO of MFour Mobile Research 

Dump your unvalidated research.
Start validating everything on a single platform.

vConsumer Panel™
vSurveys+ Visit pattern insight consumer targeting.
MFour Studio™

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See the difference validation makes across all your market research. 

“The future of consumer data.”

Dr. Gavan Fitzsimons, Professor of Marketing and Psychology

Continuous consumer discovery

Your consumers are always active, your research should be too.

2.5 Billion

App, Web & Location Events

Updates daily.

One platform
Validated research

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SOTG and MFour Studio
Surveys on the Go & MFour Studio

Your consumers are unique.

Today’s consumers are complex, and so is their data. Just a survey won’t cut it; you need to add app, web, and location data to truly understand what consumers want, bridging the gap between what they say and what they do.

Point of Emotion

The MFour difference.

v = Validated consumers
+ = app, web, and location behavior data

Our Fair Trade Data® commitment.

  • Tier 1 – Top-rated panel by Qualtrics
  • Rated #1-panel quality provider by three survey data platform providers
  • Industry avg respondent rejection rate = 25%+ – MFour’s = 0.4%
  • Top-rated research app on IOS and Android 170k + 4.5-star reviews  
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Our Fair Trade Data® commitment. 

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