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Build Launch Analyze Surveys
Build, Launch & Analyze Behavior Targeted Surveys
Trend Sentiment
Trend Sentiment
Gauge Competition
Gauge Competition
Observe App Web InStore
Segment App, Web, In-Store Visits

MFour blends validated consumer data + behavior data to give you real-time insights visualized on one user-friendly platform.

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Cutting-edge big data software at startup prices.

Use survey + behavior data to discover the why behind consumer decisions.
With real survey responses you can make real-time decisions.
The Best Panel
Surveys On The Go
You’ve done the research now ask the right questions and validate your findings after you survey your audience.

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Explore app, web & venue insights instantly.

Bring consumers into focus. Discover exactly what your consumers do—and why.

Sentiment Tracker

Top Apps

Effortlessly filter by specific customer demographics and discover top-ranked apps based on frequency usage.

Advertising, Marketing, Research

Top Websites

See website traffic and built-in KPIs that track live changes in the data. 

Advertising, Marketing, Research

Top Venues

See where your customers spend time offline – With validated location data only on Studio.

Advertising, Marketing, Research

Level up against the big players in your industry.

From startups to Fortune 100 corporations, Studio is the go-to choice for professionals across the business spectrum.

  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Small Business
  • Financial
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Development
  • Global Analytics
  • Alternative Data

Continuous vConsumer Discovery

Your consumers are always active, your research should be too. 

2.5 Billion

App, Web & Location Events

Updates daily.

“The future of consumer data.”

Dr. Gavan Fitzsimons, Professor of Marketing and Psychology

Duke University

Consumers are unique.

It takes more than just a survey to plan effective campaigns. With Studio you can easily identify consumer personas, fine-tune your pitches, create outstanding products, and achieve peak performance for your business.

Point of Emotion

Stop monkeying around with surveys

Things can get Harry when it takes months to get your survey data. Studio provides you with GeoValidated survey solutions. So you can move forward, faster.


Discover the Point of Emotion®

Gain a complete understanding of your consumer by utilizing a single platform that combines their behaviors and validated survey data.

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