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Optimize @ Consideration

Stop throwing out your entire marketing funnel when things are not working. Optimize your metrics. Evaluate how well your messaging resonates with potential customers during the consideration stage.

Are they engaging with your content? Are they visiting your store? Do they see your ads? Are they progressing further down the funnel? Identify bottlenecks and pinpoint the root causes.

Optimize at Consideration
Collect Accurate Data
Collect Accurate Data

Understand your
customers behaviors better.

Get real-time omnichannel data on how people use your product that’s easy to understand. Define KPIs like “Return on Ad Spend.” based on key customer events like “Visits & Engagement.”

Identify trends

Find trends in your data.

Once you’re tracking the metrics that matter to you, see how your KPIs trend over time. Maybe you discover your customers are spending more time with your competitors, which signals there’s room to improve.

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Catch your customers @ Consideration

Metrics are trending,
now find out why.

A fully integrated suite of research tools & data products.

The data & intelligence you need – paired with a survey marketplace to engage customers, drive opportunities & forecast accurately.

Research Tools:
Survey Pulse

Survey Pulse

Survey Builder

Survey Builder

My Surveys

My Surveys

Good data can improve your business. The right data can change it.

The right data makes for a smarter – and more profitable business. Studio helps you know who to target and whos visiting your website, app, or store so that you can personalize campaigns.

Data products:

Real-time analysis of market dynamics and consumer behavior for immediate insights.

Early identification and analysis of emerging market opportunities and consumer trends.

In-depth assessment and perception analysis to shape and enhance brand identity.

Good data can improve your business. The right data can change it.

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