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AI Survey Builder.

The most dynamic DIY survey tool on the market.

AI Survey Builder + Surveys On The Go

AI Survey Builder, integrated with Surveys On The Go®️, the largest mobile panel in the U.S., simplifies the creation of tailored surveys.

Our AI-powered survey tool leverages advanced algorithms and over a decade of survey creation data for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Build – Field – Analyze – Act

The new era of survey creation.

Efficiency, quality, & integration

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Survey Builder

Reduce Time & Costs
Focus on valuable survey insights instead of getting caught up in the complexities of survey design.

Eliminate Personal Biases
Improve the quality of survey questions for enhanced decision-making based on reliable and unbiased data.

Combining AI & Surveys
Streamline the survey-building process by eliminating the need to switch between different tools and platforms.

Build surveys your way.

Simple & seamless

Step-by-step survey creation in seconds.

  • Customize questions
  • Set quotas
  • Modify demographics
  • Build logic
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Survey Builder - Add your own questions

Effortlessly oversee all your projects on a single dashboard.

My Surveys

Stored in Studio all your survey projects for easy access and usability. Switch effortlessly between active and past projects. Analyze valuable customer data by thoroughly reviewing their responses.

Gain a crucial look into your customer’s behavior through app, web, & location data.

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100,000+ verified survey responses with an attitude.

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Survey Pulse

Stay informed about shifting consumer thoughts and habits every day with our monthly industry surveys. Delve into your preferred category and evaluate verified responses that are 100% enriched with app, web, and location data.

Keep your company’s hand on the pulse of your industry. Without an active survey project.

Surveys without surplus work.

Short on time? Not ready for a full survey? We get it – With studio, you have additional tools that help you get the data you need when you need it.

Sentiment Tracker

Industry Explorer Coming Soon

Industry Explorer, is your gateway to industry-focused data. With in-depth studies and analysis available for a wide range of sectors, you can now gain valuable and tailored insights specifically designed for your industry.

Updated and delivered to you every month, Industry Explorer empowers you to focus on the sector that truly matters for your business success.


Are you looking to ask a targeted question without conducting an entire survey? With an Omnibus survey, you can include your specific questions in a shared survey for a flat rate. This cost-effective approach allows your business to gather valuable information while taking advantage of economies of scale.

Additionally, Omnibus questions are enhanced with behavior data, providing a comprehensive view of your customer.

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