Intelligent-OOH™ Case Study: New App Launch


MFour’s client was launching a new mobile entertainment application (app) and needed to see validated Out-of-Home ROI measurement for their marketing campaigns in three major US markets.


To increase awareness among adults 18-34 for a new entertainment and information mobile app while increasing affinity and usage intent.


Pre-Flight and Post Exposure/No Exposure Comparison – A rigorous three prong approach suited for large campaigns and more well known brands.

  1. Pre-Flight Control: surveyed before ad campaign for baseline.
  2. In-Flight Test & Control: Exposed (test) and unexposed (control) consumers are tested for comprehensive impact understanding.


Client purchased Intelligent-OOH™ Pre-Flight+In-Flight solution. MFour’s research team used GeoValidation® to accurately place geofences around more than 130 billboards in three major U.S. markets on which the ads would run for Pre-Flight – establishing a baseline by surveying 300 consumers through Surveys on the Go® in the three US markets before the campaign began.

Once the campaign launched, MFour fielded two primary surveys, collecting 300 (100 per market) completes from exposed consumers and an additional 100 from unexposed consumers in each of the three cities in the campaign.


  • Comparisons between the exposed and unexposed respondents indicated the billboards drove 20% lift in awareness of the brand.
  • Lift in awareness of the app was more than 5%.