Case Study: Holiday Weekend Car Shopping Trends

Problem: needed better insights into car shoppers over Memorial Day Weekend.

(source: release)


Talk to validated shoppers just after they’ve left a dealership or auto parts/repair chain, eliminating recall bias.

  • Get insights into any aspect of the car-shopping experience.

  • Satisfaction with sales staff, managers, financing discussions, snacks/amenities.

  • Talk to intenders, buyers and non-buyers.

  • Understand what motivates brand loyalty.

  • Experiences/satisfaction with dealership service department.

  • Engage during Memorial Day Weekend.


Using MFour GeoValidation® technology, survey car shoppers using Surveys On The Go® while they were visiting a car dealership during Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Discover who was car shopping vs who was in for service.
  • Was their visit motivated by a special offer?
  • Did they contact the dealer prior to their visit?
  • Did they make a purchase?
  • If not, when did they plan on purchasing?


  • 600 Car Shoppers surveyed while on car dealer lots across America during Memorial Day Weekend.

  • 71% went to the dealer to buy a vehicle, 26% for vehicle service.

  • 41% of all visits were made without contacting the dealer ahead of time.
  • 6 out of 10 shoppers prefer “special offers” on their mobile device.

  • 30% of shoppers purchased a vehicle over Memorial Day Weekend.

  • 7 out of 10 shoppers intend on purchasing a vehicle within 3 months time.

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