Case Study: Non-Buyer Location Research


A national retail chain.


Interview non-buyers to answer these key questions:

  • What items did shoppers intend to buy when they entered the store, and how many?
  • What were their reasons for not buying what they’d intended to buy?
  • How much was the retailer losing in sales that it should have been able to convert?


  • GeoLocate natural shoppers arriving at any of the client’s many U.S. stores.
  • Push each of these GeoValidated® shoppers a survey notification just as they left.
  • Get completes from 400 qualifying non-buyers within one month.

Project Details:

  • MFour pushed approximately 2,700 surveys to validated panelists exiting the client’s stores nationwide, over a 25-day period.
  • The project identified the needed non-buyers and obtained 400 completed surveys, an Incidence Rate of 15%.


  • Data from non-buyers enabled the client to make a firm estimate of how much it was losing each day because of these missed sales opportunities.
  • The client also gained deep, clear insights into why shoppers were walking out without purchasing, even though they had entered stores expecting to buy.
  • The top three reasons were “unable to find the intended items,” “store failed to carry the items” and “items were sold out.”


  • The client learned how much it was losing each day in missed sales to non-buyers, and why.
  • Insights from the study laid a strong basis for planning systematic, store-level operational changes to address the problem.
  • Pleased with the tangible return on its research investment, the client enlisted MFour to continue the non-buyer study on a quarterly basis.
  • The client receives data segmented by region, age, income, gender and ethnicity, guiding specific, store-level actions.