Mobile Marketing Case Study: Tracking Shopping Destination Changes of Customers Displaced By Store Closings


  • An international CPG snack products company that sells multiple brands.

Project Goals:

  • Understand how major U.S. store closings are impacting snack customers’ journeys.
  • Learn where these displaced shoppers now go to buy snacks.
  • Inform decisions on reallocating in-store marketing and product mix.


  • Engage validated, first-party mobile consumers who use the Surveys On The Go® research app.
  • Conduct a managed-services mobile geolocation survey to identify clients’ buyers in the final month of business at stores nationwide that were scheduled to close.
  • Passively track journeys of displaced consumers after the closings.

Project Details:

  • Shoppers were geolocated at stores that were about to close.
  • These validated shoppers were invited to take an exit survey.
  • Those identified as consumers of the client’s products were targeted for follow-up passive consumer-journey tracking, with data collected and visualized automatically with Path-2-Purchase™ Platform.
  • The client also received historical consumer journey data for the displaced customers, automatically captured and displayed on Path-2-Purchase™.


  • The client was able to visualize where its displaced purchasers shopped after their accustomed destinations for buying its snacks had closed.
  • In addition to location visits, the client received detailed demographic and ethnographic information about consumers who were surveyed and tracked, providing deeper understanding of its customers.


  • Insights from the study informed decisions on how to reallocate marketing dollars and adjust product strategies amid a changing retail landscape.
  • The project’s efficiency at combining passively-tracked location data and mobile survey data prompted the client to add Path-2-Purchase™ Platform to its toolbox.