Consumer Understanding

“Consumer Insights” are not commodities. Making the right business decisions means reaching consumers in reliably engaging ways, with step-by-step, first-party validation to prevent fraud and ensure data authenticity.

Standard Interviews

Survey consumers across 200 demographic & psychographic points to get feedback from detailed consumer segments.

GPS Intercepts

Intercept consumers based on visit history, as they enter a location or immediately after they leave, getting insights at the Point-of-Emotion®.

Recruit and Send

Identify target segments and send them to 12.5 million U.S. locations to capture insights at points of interest.

Diary Studies

Interview first-party, validated consumers over days, weeks, or months to gain longitudinal, qualitative insights with quantitative reliablity.


Standard Interview

MFour’s native mobile surveys are fielded via the 4.5 star rated and top downloaded app, Surveys on the Go® (iOSand Android).

  • Smartphone engagement is the common denominator of consumer behavior. Having intuitive, seamless, and rewarding mobile experiences is a universal requirement.
  • 50% of consumers respond to in-app notifications within 24 hours, driving faster data and more reliable results than online panels.
  • Our mobile-app surveys are “native”: instantly embedded in consumers’ phones and lifestyle.
  • Surveys on the Go allows users to complete surveys securely, with or without an internet connection.
  • Consumers are validated by unique mobile device IDs; just one response per phone.
  • “Mobile web” or “mobile first” alternatives require unreliable phone-to-internet connections throughout, often resulting in dropped surveys.

GPS Intercepts

Native mobile GPS tells you where consumers were, where they are now, all tracked historically across more than 12.5 million consumer-relevant U.S. locations.

  • Track historical behavior and interview natural shoppers in-store, or wait until after they have left.
  • Photo responses capture aisles, shelves, displays and receipts, validating what respondents saw or purchased.
  • Understand shopping experiences in real time, at the Point-of-Emotion® where purchase decisions are made.
  • Real-time intercepts eliminate recall bias.
  • Expect 25% response rates within an hour, 50% in 24 hours.
  • “Video selfie” feedback provides vivid, in-their-own-words qualitative responses.

Recruit & Send

When location studies require a specific experience, recruiting and sending consumers is more feasible than waiting for natural intercepts.

  • Conduct retail “shop-alongs,” directing consumers to specific products or aisles.
  • Get in-depth evaluations of the entire shopping experience – products, service, atmosphere.
  • Direct respondents to purchase and test a product.
  • Create multi-phase studies, covering both the immediate in-store experience and a subsequent product evaluation.
  • 85% response rates over the ensuing two weeks are the norm.

Diary Studies

Mobile diary studies offer researchers long-term consumer engagement opportunities.

  • First-party consumers are recruited and validated by locations they visit, apps they use, or by demographic and behavioral profiles.
  • Ensure timely participation through push notifications when diary entries are due.
  • Get insights into diarists’ Path-2-Purchase journeys and beyond, from ad-exposure to shopping, buying, consumption and satisfaction.
  • Segment by loyalty, frequency or non-purchasers to gain valued opinions on motivation, behavior and experiences.
  • Validate responses with unique device IDs, GPS location tracking and receipt photo capture.