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Let the largest, single-source panel help you uncover key metrics in your OOH buy. Verify consumers saw your ad. Then, send a survey to find out “why” the campaign was effective. Use the data to make key campaign decisions & drive measurable results.

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Who we help.

  • Brands.
  • Agencies.
  • Media owners and operators.
  • Demand & supply side platforms.

Where it works.

  • Transit.
  • Place-based.
  • Traditional OOH.
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Studio users say it best:


“It’s finally allowing us to bring ROI to out-of-home advertising. That’s huge. It hadn’t been done before. I recommend MFour to everyone.”

Vistar Media


“We are testing film trailers & TV spots & MFour has been really innovative because of their methodology they know what consumers are doing & they are able to reach them anywhere.”

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc


“We use MFour’s Surveys On The Go app to reach people who are at retail. We’re able to intercept people in a very non-invasive way just by sending a push notification to their phone and asking them to take a survey.”


“With MFour we’re able to get that information quickly and accurately so having that technology that allows us to get it faster is a huge win for us.”

Ben Cline, Anheuser-Busch

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