Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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Measure the ROI of OOH.

OOH Smarter MFour

What was the ROI for your last out-of-home ad?

If you hesitated, you’re not alone. It used to be impossible to get an ROI from OOH. That’s why many CMOs still don’t trust it. Only 20% see it as an “extremely important” media channel.

But, here’s the truth: OOH ads are measurable. And very impactful.

Not only can consumers say exactly what they think about your ad—you can benchmark against your peers too. That’s right, you can use industry norms to see exactly how well your ads perform next to the competition.

“It’s finally allowing us to bring ROI to out-of-home advertising. That’s huge. It hadn’t been done before. I recommend MFour to everyone.”

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The key to measuring ROI in OOH is real consumers.

Intelligent-OOH™ (i-OOH) connects you to real feedback from actual first-party consumers. These are people who’ve seen your billboard, bus shelter or other out-of-home ad—first-hand. As they pass it, we use GeoValidation® through advanced GPS location technology to confirm their exposure.

Instant proof of ROI.

Ask consumers what they thought. Track brand lift and measure their exposure over time.

When you combine location technology with 10 million U.S. consumer journeys, you get so much more. This is real-time feedback on your OOH campaign’s targeted audience.

  • Choose among four fast, cost-effective product options.
  • Measure lift among Millennials, Gen Z, Hispanics and African-Americans.
  • Measure all forms of OOH—billboards, gas pump screens, transit signs and more.

“We use MFour’s geo-functionality to survey consumers that are exposed to our out-of-home ads in order to measure things like: consideration, purchase intent and brand awareness.”

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How it works:

Choose among four product options:

  1. i-OOH™ pre-flight vs. in-flight: Control survey takes place before the campaign but in the same areas.
  2. i-OOH™ in-flight exposed vs. unexposed: Control survey takes place during the campaign and in the same areas.
  3. i-OOH™ pre-flight & in-flight unexposed vs. in-flight exposed: Two control surveys in the same areas as the campaign.
  4. i-OOH™ matched vs. in-flight market: A more complex study with controls in lookalike markets.

Now, compare your results to your peers. Do you come out on top? If not, dig into why and what you can change in your ad to make it really hit home. After all, the best way to know exactly how well your ad performs is to ask real people.

See how to get validated out-of-home ad measurement…

Intelligent-OOH™ options:

i-OOH™ pre-flight vs. in-flight.

$11,500 self-service.

Same areas. Different times.

  • The control survey takes place before the campaign begins.
  • The locations are the same for the control group and the test group.

Special benefits:

  • Fast, cost-effective metrics for lift in brand awareness, recall and intent to buy.
  • Expect 25% response rate within one hour of notification—50% within 24 hours.

i-OOH™ pre-flight & in-flight unexposed vs. in-flight exposed.


Double-controls and more comprehensive measurement,

Use two control groups to establish separate baselines for more complex metrics.

  • Establish same-place unexposed baseline metrics before the campaign begins.
  • Add a second same-place baseline while the campaign is in-flight by surveying consumers who travel in the campaign environment without being geolocated in viewing range of a sign.

Special benefits:

  • Maintains demographic consistency between in-flight control and exposed groups.
  • Combines two reliable measurement methods to understand lift in brand awareness, perceptions and intent to buy.

i-OOH™ in-flight unexposed vs. exposed.


Same-time control and test group.

i-OOH™ in-flight measures the control group simultaneously with the test group in the same radius as the OOH campaign.

  • Test group qualifiers respond rapidly to survey invitations immediately after natural exposure.
  • Control group qualifiers aren’t surveyed immediately; first they’re sorted to match the test group’s demographics.

Special benefits:

  • Demographic consistency between control and exposed groups.
  • Control group travels naturally in the campaign’s actual environment without being exposed.

i-OOH™ matched vs. in-flight market.


Double control groups in exposed and unexposed markets.

A comprehensive test for well-known brands with multiple media outreach efforts.

  • Choose a control market that’s similar but geographically removed from the campaign market.
  • Two control groups are recruited in the lookalike market: one each for pre-flight and in-flight testing.
  • The campaign market also has two control groups, one for a pre-flight baseline and one that travels near campaign signs during in-flight but is not exposed.   

Special benefits:

  • Gain insights into a campaign’s potential in similar markets.
  • Reliable lift metrics bring confidence to decision-making on further rollouts and ad spend.

Upgrade to i-OOH™ Plus.

Are your goals extra-ambitious? Our full-service, in-house market research team provides consulting, research and analysis customized to your needs.

i-OOH™ Plus customers receive these add-on benefits:

  • Data analysis.
  • Cross-tabulation with stat testing.
  • Up to 8 hours of QRE consultation.

i-OOH™ Plus pre-flight vs. in-flight.


i-OOH™ Plus in-flight exposed/unexposed.


i-OOH™ Pre/in-flight unexposed/exposed.


i-OOH™ Plus matched vs. in-flight market.


How Ritual Vitamins got an 85% brand lift.

Here’s how Ritual Vitamins used iOOH™ to expand their billboard campaign. Take a look.

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