Market Research Solutions

Market researchers partner with MFour to connect with mobile consumers and collect the highest-quality data at fast-turnaround speed. Partners get the best mobile research technology, plus the largest, most engaged audience of first-party consumers.

Representation extends to all key consumer groups, including otherwise hard to reach mobile-centric demographics, such as Millennials, African Americans, Hispanics and Gen Z.

Clients can choose self-service with MFourDIY® to create and deploy their own research projects, featuring real-time display of incoming data.

Also available: MFour’s A to Z full service capabilities, including data analysis and sophisticated white-label reports, infographics and presentations.

Partnering options include Path-2-Purchase® Platform, a unique toolbox for visualizing consumers’ movements over time. Its many uses include identifying consumer segments for targeting surveys and appending location data to surveys for a contextualized, 360º view of the market and its opportunities.

Today’s Market Research Challenge

The market research industry must keep up with the changing nature of consumers and consumer data. Meanwhile, pressure grows for faster and faster results and reports. Taking it slow is no longer an option.

Your deliverables have changed as well. In addition to fast turnarounds, clients now want you to wrap your findings in a story – a narrative about consumer trends and behaviors that can make data intelligible and impactful to any stakeholder.

Consumers’ shift to smartphones unleashed a torrent of data that researchers and their clients struggle to comprehend.

State of the art mobile research marries observed behavior to survey data, connecting you to consumers at all times in their natural ecosystems.

It’s not just about speed; the right mobile approaches give you an unprecedented scope and intensity of understanding. Changing to mobile is easier than you may think. It’s your opportunity to work faster and be more productively engaged with consumers than ever before.

Market Research Options

Mobile Surveys

MFour’s Surveys On The Go® is the first and most advanced smartphone app for consumer research. The best testimony comes from the consumers who use it: the 4.5-star average rating and rave reviews posted at the Apple and Google Play stores.

Your payoff is high engagement and participation, excellent demographic representation and fast, accurate data. For an industry that has seen a downward spiral in data quality due to consumers’ disengagement from online research, the mobile-app alternative is a godsend.
Here’s a quick look at how mobile-app research works.

  • Smartphones are the common denominator of consumer behavior. Giving consumers intuitive, seamless and rewarding smartphone experiences is mandatory. Anything less will turn them off from participating in research.
  • What to expect: 25% of consumers respond to mobile-app survey invitations within one hour, 50% within 24 hours.
  • Mobile-app surveys are “native”: questionnaires embed instantly in consumers’ phones.
  • That means participants can take surveys offline, without an internet connection.
  • “Mobile web” or “mobile optimized” alternatives are not a solution. They merely adapt the same failing online methodology to a smaller screen.
  • Poor display and slow, clunky performance are deal-breakers for mobile consumers. No matter how cheap the price, you can’t afford them.

GPS Intercepts

Yes, mobile GPS location research is all about reaching consumers at the right time and in the right place for the most accurate and incisive Point-of-Emotion® survey data. But now there’s even more.

Use MFour’s Path-2-Purchase® Platform for 24-7 GPS tracking data. See consumers’ complete buying journeys, going back weeks and months before you fielded your survey. See where they go after your survey.

  • Native mobile GPS shows you consumers’ ongoing journeys across 12.5 million consumer-relevant U.S. locations.
  • Observed behavioral data from opted-in consumers lets you visualize their movements over time, including past visits going back weeks and months.
  • Validated historical location data steers you to more accurate and efficient audience segmentation.
  • Track historical behavior and interview natural shoppers in-store, or talk to them just after they’ve left. Expect 25% response rates within an hour, 50% within 24 hours.
  • Understand shopping experiences in real time, at the Point-of-Emotion® where purchase decisions are made. Real-time intercepts eliminate recall bias.
  • Harness smartphone cameras for intensified responses and ironclad validation.
  • “Video selfie” feedback provides vivid, in-their-own-words qualitative responses.
  • Photo responses show you aisles, shelves, displays and receipts, documenting and validating what respondents saw and purchased.

Full Service or DIY? You Choose.

We have two ways for insights professionals to leverage Surveys On The Go® and its vast research capabilities.

  • Full service projects involve close consultation between MFour and the client. Our in-house experts will target, test, build, field and analyze surveys so you can get insights in hours or days instead of weeks and months.
  • Or you can build your own surveys through our self-service portal, MFourDIY®, with backup from in-house consultants to ensure a smooth experience and fast, clean completes.
  • Just like you, we’re veteran market researchers and working with us brings you that special perspective. We speak your language. We understand your goals and needs.

Recruit & Send Studies

When location studies require a specific experience, recruiting and sending consumers can be more effective than waiting for natural intercepts.

  • Conduct retail “shop-alongs,” directing consumers to specific products or aisles.
  • Get in-depth evaluations of the entire shopping experience – products, service, atmosphere.
  • Direct respondents to purchase and test a product.
  • Create multi-phase studies, covering both the immediate in-store experience and a subsequent product evaluation.
  • For evaluation follow-ups, 85% response rates over the ensuing two weeks are the norm.

Diary Studies

Mobile diary studies offer researchers longer-term consumer engagement opportunities.

  • First-party consumers are recruited and validated by locations they visit, apps they use, or by demographic and behavioral profiles.
  • Ensure timely participation through push notifications when diary entries are due.
  • Get insights into diarists’ Path-2-Purchase journeys and beyond, from ad-exposure to shopping, buying, consumption and satisfaction.
  • Segment by loyalty, frequency or non-purchasers to gain valued opinions on motivation, behavior and experiences.
  • Validate responses with unique device IDs, GPS location tracking and photos of purchase receipts.

Point-Of-Emotion® MaxDiff

Point-Of-Emotion® MaxDiff measures a range of Point-Of-Emotion® purchase drivers by asking survey respondents to rank different choices from most-important to least-important. Mobile MaxDiff has many uses, such as ranking brand preferences, product and packaging features and satisfaction with images and advertising messages. MaxDiff for mobile is easier to use and applicable to a wider variety of research situations than conjoint analysis.

  • Mobile is the perfect interface and platform for MaxDiff analysis.
  • Question displays are clear and attractive, making MaxDiff surveys easy and intuitive.
  • Respondents proceed through the survey with full attention, providing quality data.
  • Expect very low drop-off rates, even for longer surveys.

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