Market Research Solutions

MFour provides observed location data and survey feedback from validated, first-party mobile consumers who use Surveys On The Go®, the highest-rated research app. Respondents’ proven engagement drives fast, representative results and across-the-board quality. 

  • Millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics and Gen Z are no longer “hard to reach.”
  • Use MFourDIY® for fast, easy to use and cost-effective research. Or opt for custom, managed research featuring expert design and fielding.
  • Path-2-Purchase® Platform users observe consumers’ physical journeys over time, updated daily. Find the right audience in the right places, then survey them to learn the “why” behind the buy.


“Affordable in-store interviews”

– Quester

Meeting Today’s Market Research Challenges

MFour obtains observed location data and fast, representative survey feedback from validated, first-party consumers who use Surveys On The Go®, the highest-rated mobile research app.

  • Millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics and Gen Z are no longer “hard to reach.”
  • Path-2-Purchase® Platform users observe consumers’ physical journeys to find and survey the right audience to understand the “why” behind the buy.
  • Mobile engagement drives quick turnarounds, with 25% response rates within an hour, 50% within 24 hours.


Market Research Options

Mobile Surveys

MFour’s Surveys On The Go® is the groundbreaking, standard-setting mobile research app, engaging 2.5 million U.S. users who rate it 4.5 stars out of 5. In-app mobile’s superior reach, reliability and representation supplants last-gen online research solutions.

  • 25% of invited consumers respond within one hour; 50% within 24 hours.
  • Embed videos and images in your QREs, receive in-their-own words “video selfie” responses and request photos of receipts and store aisles for data validation.
  • Quality research depends on a quality research app. “Mobile web” and “mobile optimized” alternatives merely adapt failing online research to a smaller screen.


GPS Intercepts

GPS location research lets you find and survey consumers when they’re in a store or just after they’ve left. They respond with rich, accurate data captured at the Point-of-Emotion® where buying decisions are made.

  • Path-2-Purchase® Platform aggregates daily, all-day buying journeys of pre-profiled, opted-in first-party consumers.
  • Always-on tracking covers 12.5 million consumer-relevant U.S. locations, including the top 1,000 retailers, recording 500,000 retail location visits per day.
  • Observed visit patterns help you target surveys to discover  the “why” behind the buy.


Full Service or DIY? You Choose.

Working with MFour gives you a tech and research-savvy partner who speaks your language and understands what you need.

  • Full service projects — close consultation with MFour experts who build, test and field your survey and analyze and report the data.
  • MFourDIY® lets you build your own mobile surveys quickly and cost-efficiently with live, real-time, in-house support to ensure fast, clean completes.


Recruit & Send Studies

When you’re researching a very specific consumer experience, recruiting and sending your respondents can be preferable to natural in-store intercepts.

  • Conduct mobile shop-alongs for in-the-moment feedback from store aisles.
  • Test product satisfaction by instructing participants to buy and use an item.
  • 85% response rates are the norm for In Home Usage Tests (IHUTs).


Diary Studies

Use mobile diary studies for longer-term consumer engagement.

  • Segment by demographic profiles, location visits and app use.
  • Mobile push notifications remind participants when each diary entry is due.
  • Validate their responses by device ID, GPS location and photos of receipts.


Point-Of-Emotion® MaxDiff

Use mobile MaxDiff to obtain ranked preferences for brands, products, packaging, messaging and more.

  • A clear, smooth  mobile interface makes it easy for respondents to select answers.
  • Mobile-app survey experience makes drop-offs rare, even at longer LOI.


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