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MFour provides observed location data and survey feedback from validated, first-party mobile consumers who use Surveys On The Go®, the highest-rated research app. Respondents’ proven engagement drives fast, representative results and across-the-board quality. 

  • Millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics and Gen Z are no longer “hard to reach.”
  • Use MFourDIY® for fast, easy to use and cost-effective research. Or opt for custom, managed research featuring expert design and fielding.
  • Path-2-Purchase® Platform users observe consumers’ physical journeys over time, updated daily. Find the right audience in the right places, then survey them to learn the “why” behind the buy.


Clients and Partners Using MFour's Mobile Market Research
Market Research for Mobile

“Affordable in-store interviews”

– Quester

Mobile Market Research

Meeting Today’s Market Research Challenges

MFour obtains observed location data and fast, representative survey feedback from validated, first-party consumers who use Surveys On The Go®, the highest-rated mobile research app.

  • Millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics and Gen Z are no longer “hard to reach.”
  • Path-2-Purchase® Platform users observe consumers’ physical journeys to find and survey the right audience to understand the “why” behind the buy.
  • Mobile engagement drives quick turnarounds, with 25% response rates within an hour, 50% within 24 hours.


Market Research Options

Mobile Surveys

MFour’s Surveys On The Go® is the groundbreaking, standard-setting mobile research app, engaging 2.5 million U.S. users who rate it 4.5 stars out of 5. In-app mobile’s superior reach, reliability and representation supplants last-gen online research solutions.

  • 25% of invited consumers respond within one hour; 50% within 24 hours.
  • Embed videos and images in your QREs, receive in-their-own words “video selfie” responses and request photos of receipts and store aisles for data validation.
  • Quality research depends on a quality research app. “Mobile web” and “mobile optimized” alternatives merely adapt failing online research to a smaller screen.


GPS Intercepts

GPS location research lets you find and survey consumers when they’re in a store or just after they’ve left. They respond with rich, accurate data captured at the Point-of-Emotion® where buying decisions are made.

  • Path-2-Purchase® Platform aggregates daily, all-day buying journeys of pre-profiled, opted-in first-party consumers.
  • Always-on tracking covers 12.5 million consumer-relevant U.S. locations, including the top 1,000 retailers, recording 500,000 retail location visits per day.
  • Observed visit patterns help you target surveys to discover  the “why” behind the buy.


Full Service or DIY? You Choose.

Working with MFour gives you a tech and research-savvy partner who speaks your language and understands what you need.

  • Full service projects — close consultation with MFour experts who build, test and field your survey and analyze and report the data.
  • MFourDIY® lets you build your own mobile surveys quickly and cost-efficiently with live, real-time, in-house support to ensure fast, clean completes.


Recruit & Send Studies

When you’re researching a very specific consumer experience, recruiting and sending your respondents can be preferable to natural in-store intercepts.

  • Conduct mobile shop-alongs for in-the-moment feedback from store aisles.
  • Test product satisfaction by instructing participants to buy and use an item.
  • 85% response rates are the norm for In Home Usage Tests (IHUTs).


Diary Studies

Use mobile diary studies for longer-term consumer engagement.

  • Segment by demographic profiles, location visits and app use.
  • Mobile push notifications remind participants when each diary entry is due.
  • Validate their responses by device ID, GPS location and photos of receipts.


Point-Of-Emotion® MaxDiff

Use mobile MaxDiff to obtain ranked preferences for brands, products, packaging, messaging and more.

  • A clear, smooth  mobile interface makes it easy for respondents to select answers.
  • Mobile-app survey experience makes drop-offs rare, even at longer LOI.


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