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Persona Views

You could try to read consumers’ minds. Or they could tell you themselves.

Work with Persona Views — an industry-(re)defining audience intelligence tool available directly in MFour Studio™.

The Close-up

The Wisdom of Crowds

Access user behavior analytics — who’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s — from over 100,000 demographically balanced consumer panelists and take your ROIS to new heights.

Full-Journey Visibility

In-store, on-app, or via web, Persona Views gives you a look into consumer behavioral data. That gives you a leg up on your competitors.

Complete Compliance

California’s CCPA ranks among the toughest data regulations in the U.S. — and we treat every panelist’s data to that standard (or higher), no matter their home state.

Cases in Point

Experience Studio

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  • What does a typical, frequent 7-Eleven visitor look like?
  • Do they prefer buying coffee or soda? Pizza or chips?
  • How can you use their web, app, and venue data to better target them?
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