Out-Of-Home (OOH) Solutions

Stop Inferring, Start Knowing

Until now, researchers trying to measure OOH advertising effectiveness have had to settle for inferences drawn from unreliable third-party data. Intelligent-OOH™ provides real feedback from actual first-party consumers whose OOH exposure GeoValidated® through advanced GPS location technology.

“MFour gives us a clearer view of the true
impact of our Out of Home campaigns and shows
our clients real world value and ROI.”

– Ian Dallimore, Director of Digital Innovation and
Sales Strategy, Lamar Advertising

Why Use i-OOH™?

Only MFour combines advanced location technology with a diverse, first-party mobile consumer panel – 2.5 million U.S. consumers whose feedback fully represents your OOH campaign’s targeted audience.

  • Measure lift among Millennials, Gen Z, Hispanics and African-Americans.
  • Measure all forms of OOH — billboards, gas pump screens, transit signs and more.
  • Choose among four fast, cost-effective  product options, from basic to complex.


How it Works

Choose among four product options. 

i-OOH™ Pre vs. In-Flight — control survey takes place before the campaign but in the same areas.
i-OOH™ In-Flight Exposed vs. Unexposed — control survey takes place during the campaign and in the same areas.
i-OOH™ Pre + In-Flight Unexposed vs. In-Flight Exposed — two control surveys in the same areas as the campaign.
i-OOH™ Matched vs. In-Flight Market — a more complex study with controls in lookalike and campaign markets. 

Intelligent-OOH™ Options




i-OOH™ Pre vs In-Flight


Same Areas, Different Times

Choose iOOH™ Pre vs. In-Flight for fast, basic metrics.

  • The locations are the same for the control group and the test group.
  • The control survey takes place before the campaign begins.

Special Benefits

  • Fast, cost-effective metrics for lift in brand awareness, recall and intent to buy.
  • Expect 25% response rate within one hour of notification — 50% within 24 hours.


i-OOH™ In Flight Exposed vs. Unexposed


Same-Time Control and Test Group

i-OOH™ In-Flight measures the control group simultaneously with the test group, in the same radius as the OOH campaign.

  • Test group qualifiers respond rapidly to survey invitations immediately after natural exposure.
  • Control group qualifiers aren’t surveyed immediately — first they’re sorted to match the test group’s demographics.

Special Benefits

  • Control group travels naturally in the campaign’s actual environment without being exposed.
  • Demographic consistency between control and exposed groups.


i-OOH™ Pre + In-Flight Unexposed vs In-Flight Exposed


Double-Controls, More Comprehensive Measurement

Use two control groups to establish separate baselines for more complex metrics.

  • Establish same-place unexposed baseline metrics before the campaign begins.
  • Add a second same-place baseline while the campaign is in-flight by surveying consumers who travel in the campaign environment without being geolocated in viewing range of a sign.

Special Benefits

  • Combines two reliable measurement methods to understand lift in brand awareness, perceptions and intent to buy.
  • Maintains demographic consistency between in-flight control and exposed groups.


i-OOH™ Matched vs In-Flight Market


Double Control Groups in Exposed and Unexposed Markets

A comprehensive test for well-known brands with multiple media outreach efforts.

  • Choose a control market that’s similar but geographically removed from the campaign market.
  • Two control groups are recruited in the lookalike market — one each for pre-flight and in-flight testing.
  • The campaign market also has two control groups, one for a pre-flight baseline and one that travels near campaign signs during in-flight but is not exposed.   

Special Benefits

  • Gain insights into a campaign’s potential in similar markets.
  • Reliable lift metrics bring confidence to decision-making on further rollouts and ad spend.


Upgrade to i-OOH™ Plus

Are your goals extra-ambitious? Our full-service, in-house market research team provides consulting, research and analysis customized to your needs.

i-OOH™ Plus customers receive these add-on benefits:

  • Up to 8 hours of QRE consultation.
  • Crosstabulation with stat testing.
  • Data analysis.


i-OOH™ Plus Pre vs In-Flight


i-OOH™ Plus In Flight — Exposed vs Unexposed


i-OOH™ Plus Pre + In-Flight Unexposed vs In-Flight Exposed


i-OOH™ Plus Matched vs In-Flight Market


85% Lift in Awareness! Who Knew?

Read how one customer finally got real metrics for a billboard campaign with MFour’s Intelligent-OOH™.

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