Out-Of-Home (OOH) Solutions

Stop Inferring, Start Knowing

Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising measurement has a longstanding problem, but now there’s a solution called Intelligent-OOH™ (i-OOH™).

Until now, brands have been forced to measure OOH advertising effectiveness by inference alone, relying solely on unreliable third-party data and guesswork. But with i-OOH™ brands measure impacts on real, first-party audiences who’ve had validated exposure to their ads. GPS location validates consumers’ exposure; then you’ll survey them immediately.

You get all the KPI metrics – awareness, recall, interest and intent to buy – grounded entirely in the validated reality of carefully profiled, first-party consumers. Brands and outdoor media owners get the clear, trustworthy understanding of ROI they’ve never been able to achieve. It’s now possible to see the impact of OOH ad spend by collecting and analyzing real consumer data, not guessing and hoping.

Why Use i-OOH™?

  • Information beyond simple location analytics.
  • Reach consumers directly to understand impact.
  • Insight and feedback on brand perception, consumer actions and more.
  • Ideal for measuring OOH campaigns of any size – large and small.
  • Measure across the full range of OOH campaigns:
    • Traditional Billboard
    • Digital Billboard
    • Gas Pump Screens
    • Office Space
    • Transit
    • Airports
    • Arenas/Stadiums

How it Works

Intelligent-OOH™ gives you four product options for measuring out-of-home ad effectiveness. Choose according to your campaign’s timing and sign locations.

  • i-OOH™ Then+Now
  • i-OOH™ Now2
  • i-OOH™ Then+Now2
  • i-OOH™ Look-Alike

Select, locate and survey a control group to establish baseline metrics. Comparing the control group to data from your campaign-exposed group measures lift in brand and product awareness, favorability and intent to purchase.

Control surveys can be pre-flight (Then+Now) or in-flight (Now2), in-market or in a lookalike market. Then compare those results with survey responses from naturally-exposed, first-party consumers.

Intelligent-OOH™ Options




i-OOH™ Then+Now


Same signs… Different times!

i-OOH™ Then+Now is the perfect solution for fast, basic OOH ad lift metrics.

  • “Then” = pre-campaign.
  • Control group qualifiers are located “then” – when exposed naturally to sign locations before campaign begins.
  • Control qualifiers receive immediate survey notifications.
  • “Now” = in-flight.
  • Test group qualifiers are located “now” – when exposed naturally to a sign.
  • Test group qualifiers receive immediate survey invitations.


  • Efficiently and economically measures lift in brand awareness, likeability, relevance and intent to convert, based on same-location, pre-flight control.
  • Fast results: expect 25% response rate within 1 hour of notification for both groups; 50% within 24 hours.

i-OOH™ Now2


Same time…Exposed & Unexposed

i-OOH™ Now2 lets you obtain a basic measure of ad effectiveness by comparing exposed and unexposed consumers in places where the campaign is taking place, at the same time it is taking place.

  • “Now” = campaign in-flight.
  • Control group qualifiers: they have natural “now” journeys within campaign’s radius, but do not come in view of a campaign sign.
  • Test group qualifiers: natural “now” journeys expose them to a campaign sign.
  • Test group qualifiers receive survey invitations immediately after exposure and respond rapidly.
  • Control group qualifiers are not surveyed immediately; they are sorted and re-qualified late in the campaign to match the test group’s demographics.
  • The matched control group is then surveyed.


  • Efficiently and economically measures lift in brand awareness, likeability, relevance and intent to convert, based on same-location, in-flight exposure vs. non-exposure.
  • Demographic matching as well as campaign area matching.

i-OOH™ Then+Now2


Double-Controls, More Comprehensive Measurement

i-OOH™ Then+Now2 combines the basic “Then+Now” and “Now2” measurement products to create sequentially layered controls. It establishes two baselines for deeper ad-effectiveness measurement.

  • Pre-campaign measurement.
  • “Then” control group is naturally exposed to sign locations before campaign has begun, with survey notification immediately.
  • “Now” test group qualifiers are consumers whose natural journeys expose them to the campaign.
  • “Now” control group travels naturally during campaign in same radius as test group, but remains unexposed.
  • Control and test group members are surveyed and compared for a double-controlled, two-baseline measurement of ad effectiveness.


  • Combines two reliable measurement methods to understand lift in brand awareness, likeability, relevance and intent to convert.
  • “Now” control group provides simultaneous in-flight comparison.
  • “Then” control group matches exposed in-flight group in demographics as well as location.

i-OOH™ Look-Alike


Matching Control Market, Measured Pre-flight + In-flight

A comprehensive test for well-known brands with multiple media outreach efforts.

  • Establish lookalike control market which is similar to but geographically removed from campaign market.
  • Pre-campaign: establish baseline for lift by surveying campaign’s target demographics in both the campaign market and the look-alike market.
  • In-flight/campaign market: exposed consumers are located and surveyed immediately.
  • In-flight/lookalike market: a follow-up survey in the control market for deeper understanding of lift.


  • Launch a campaign in one market to gain insights into its potential elsewhere.
  • Strong OOH performance in the campaign market suggests further rollouts.
  • Results from campaign market help guide decisions on ad spend.

Upgrade to i-OOH™ Plus

Are your goals extra-ambitious and complex? MFour has the knowledge and resources to help you achieve them. Our full-service, in-house market research team provides customized consulting, research and analysis you can add to any Intelligent-OOH™ product. Customers who choose a Plus package work directly with MFour experts who understand your business, challenges and goals.

Intelligent-OOH™ Plus gives you all the benefits of our regular Intelligent-OOH™ products, Plus…

  • Up to 8 hours of QRE consultation.
  • Crosstabulation with stat testing.
  • Analysis of data.

i-OOH™ Plus Then+Now


i-OOH™ Plus Now2


i-OOH™ Plus Then+Now2


i-OOH™ Plus Look-Alike


20% Lift in Awareness! Who Knew?

Read how one customer finally got real metrics for a billboard campaign with MFour’s Intelligent-OOH™.

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