Political Research

Voter-Matched, First-Party Consumer Panel

You need to talk to registered voters to understand whether to launch a candidacy or a ballot campaign. You need to identify your likely supporters and voters who are undecided to help you craft the best messaging on key issues. But registered voters are extremely hard to engage. Maximize your chances by matching validated voters against validated members of the only all-mobile, first-party consumer panel. Mobile research respondents’ proven engagement produces high response rates, giving you the range and depth of voter opinion you need to predict behaviors and influence outcomes.

Four Steps to Validated, First-Party Political Insights

  1. Voter records give you validation of a behavior – registration to vote.
  2. First-party consumer panel profiling gives you validation of identities and preferences.
  3. Match registered voter lists to the universe of validated, first-party consumers.
  4. Count on first-party mobile consumers’ strong engagement with market research for quality data about electoral politics and issues.

Political Research Options

Who Will You Reach?

2.5 million U.S. adults ages 18 and over use Surveys On The Go® (SOTG), the highest-rated smartphone app for mobile research.

When users sign up for SOTG, they are surveyed extensively for profiling information, including age, sex, income, race and many more characteristics. In all, you can segment for attitudes, interests and opinions across more than 200 demographic and psychographic data points.

Representation allows research into voter attitudes by district, state or nationwide.

Voter Segmentation and Lookalike Modeling

  • Use consumer profiles to identify groups of voters by demographic and psychographic characteristics.
    • Examples: soccer moms, young professionals, suburban blue collar dads, etc.
  • Survey segmented groups to drill down for attitudes and shape ways to influence them.
  • Conduct opposition research by identifying and surveying your rivals’ likely voters.

Millennial, Hispanic, African-American Audiences

These groups are overwhelmingly smartphone-centric and therefore hard to reach for political studies that require representative samples of actual voters.

But their ease and comfort with their phones now gives mobile political researchers the reach to include them.

Use Cases: Voter Attitudes

  • Obtain data from scaled, multiple-choice questions in which respondents rank issues or candidates’ characteristics from “most important” to “unimportant.”
  • Enrich political insights by asking respondents for “video selfies,” so you’ll see and hear the intensity and emotional force behind their opinions.

Quick-Turn Research

  • High engagement pays off when sudden events challenge campaigns to move fast and act effectively.
  • Get the fastest quick-turnaround data, with typical response rates of 25% in one hour, 50% within 24 hours.
  • Begin framing actions and messages instantly, while data is still coming in.

Campaign Ad Testing

  • Test texts, photos, videos and audio content before launching campaign ads.
  • Test with specific voter segments to measure differences in effectiveness.
  • Security technology prevents recipients from downloading, copying or sharing test content.
  • Also test Out of Home (OOH) advertising – billboards and signs.
  • Location-tracking data shows high-traffic areas for OOH placement.
  • Validate OOH effectiveness by surveying exposed voters.

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