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Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

Download the infographic to get visibility into digital buying behavior. See exactly who's buying on apps now—and why.

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OOH Benchmarks by MFour™ measures a campaign’s ad performance to industry norms in 12 categories.

Brands are given a clear view of each ad—showing exactly how they stack up to the competition. Six key metrics are determined, including: ad exposure, ad recall, brand awareness, brand opinion, brand usage and consideration. Then a score is calculated.

Features and benefits of OOH Benchmarks by MFour™ include:

  • Six key performance indicators for out-of-home ads.
  • Benchmark data from 100+ brands in 250+ campaigns.
  • 20,000 validated behaviors and survey completes informing the industry standard to benchmark against.

Click here to see a sample report.

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