12 new ethnicity trends.

You have a target market.

To create a customer profile, ideal message, and a great ad — you need a representative consumer panel. You’re in luck. Here are 12 new behaviors and trends.

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Hispanic consumers are shopping and traveling.

Is Myspace back from the dead?

No… But a similar forgotten social app is. Tagged just saw a 160% month-over-month rise in Hispanic app users. Should Facebook or TikTok be concerned? Maybe. They can speak with these users to find out.

Here’s what else is happening.

Hispanic consumers hit the Bath and Body Works website 91% more than last month. Several factors can be impacting this change. Shoppers could be treating themselves, or buying gifts. In-store traffic also fluctuates with seasons. Shopper Paths can be used to survey the exact same users, and find out what’s going on.

Travel is rebounding too, fueled by Hispanic consumers. Comfort Inn visits are up 78% from one month prior. 

African American/Black consumers are driving and job hunting.

African American/Black consumers are also traveling.

Visits to Tesla Supercharger stations are up 45% for African American/Black consumers, signaling a potential surge of electric vehicle (EV) buyers. See how this trend is impacting Tesla’s profitability in both the EV market and the broader automotive industry.

It could have to do with interviews.

This month, African American/Black consumers are on the hunt for their next new role. Right now, online visits to glassdoor.com are up 183% compared to one month ago. Last month the U.S. set a record for job openings (at 9.8 million).

It’s worth looking into why this trend is taking place.

Health is also top of mind. African American/Black Healow app users are up by 173%. This app lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access medical records. But what is the primary interest in the app?

Take a look.

Asian consumers are watching sports and grabbing dessert.

There’s a reason Microsoft bought out Minecraft from Notch for $2.5 billion in 2014.

It’s addicting. There’s a 248% bump in Minecraft’s Asian app players this month. To see the catalyst for this month in particular, select the group in MFour Studio.

ESPN website got 168% more visits from Asian viewers than it did last month. Normally, I’d assume this has something to do with the typical sports seasonal rotation, but since the increase is in only one segment, more digging needs to be done.

It’s also been a hot month.

So, Asian consumers may also be looking for a sweet way to cool off. And in hot weather like this, ice cream is a great choice. That may be why Baskin Robbins is at 70% more visits from Asian consumers this month.

But how long will this trend hold up?

Get the answers.

Caucasian consumers are streaming and taking their kids out.

Bigo Live is a growing streaming app founded in China which rivals Twitch.

They went from 25 to 400 million global users in the last 2 years. And Caucasian consumers spiked 230% for active users this month. Think about it. If your buyers spend a few hours a day on Bigo Live, it’ll impact their other online activities.

Use the trend to your advantage.

Apartmentlist.com website visits are also up 100% for Caucasian consumers. Now that’s probably due to a lack of supply, high demand, and the skyrocketing cost of rent. But how long will it last, and how can you appeal to home hunters?

Now is the time to differentiate.

Take a look at Chuck E. Cheese. Back from the brink of last year’s bankruptcy, they’re up 47% in walk-ins this month. Sounds like Caucasian parents are now needing to get out of the home more and let little ones play.

But are other entertainment venues seeing the same rise? Find out.

So, what next?

It’s clear you need more answers.

That’s why we research, right? So, here are a few next steps to take.

  1. Identify any potential weak spots in your advertising.
  2. Bolster all of your marketing segments by speaking to a representative audience.
  3. Then, see what’s changed in consumer behavior – both in-store and online for an omnichannel view.

Here’s the truth — 86% of consumers will pay you more for a better customer experience.

You just need to give it to them. That’s how you get prospective buyers to leave your competitors and buy your brand instead. It all starts with data to inform your decisions.

So, collect and trend their behaviors over time. Start right now with a free 7-day trial of Persona Views. Use it to drill down on your consumers’ behaviors. Here’s your chance. Beat your competition to the behaviors.

Get your free 7-day trial.

By Cathy Karcher

Reviewed by Sharon Leynes

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