Why 85% of sales driven by trust.

Trust matters:

Deciphering how 85% of sales are fueled by trust.

The goal.

It’s go time.

The product’s ready. You’re going to market, but before you do, you need a pre-launch test. You want to hear from consumers, see what they like, and find out what’s missing. This is your chance to ask questions, listen to their customer experience, and rise above the rest.

This is the story of a laundry care brand—who did exactly that. After carefully consulting consumers, and closely studying the competition, they took a better approach. One centered on value, scent and proven technology. After all, customers should never compromise on anything.

This is the story of their success.

Research was required.

It starts at the store.

Amy, our buyer, is looking over laundry care products, about to pick one. Instead of tapping her on the shoulder—to see what’s driving her decision—we send a survey to her phone. Non-invasive. Twice as effective. Now the company can hear directly from her. They get in-store research.

But Amy’s experience doesn’t end in-store. She’s got kids, and laundry, so much laundry… That’s where the real product use happens. We’ll go ahead and follow her home to find out more.

Case Study - Scent Enhancer Research

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, SOTG locates consumers in real-time. Here, Amy is sent a survey while she’s inside the store. Buzz. She picks up her phone and starts to type in her feedback on how she chose the scent enhancer, which is now in her bag.

Behind the scenes, the app confirms Amy’s visit to the store. And, as her phone follows her home, so does our ability to capture her opinions. As she gently pours in her scent enhancing product, we get to see her video experience of the process—and her results, as she shares her satisfaction.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  • In-store behavior: Feedback from laundry care shoppers, like Amy, while in-aisle.
  • At-home evaluation: Pictures and videos of their product experiences, while in-use.
  • Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and validated via the SOTG app.

The results.

Here’s what Amy, and 500 shoppers just like her, helped us to uncover about laundry care products.

  • Price is the most important driver for a purchase decision. It slightly outpaces scent, which was right behind it in decision-making. Which means that:
    • 77% say price is the most important purchase decision driver.
    • 71% are more likely to look at a variety of scents before they buy.
    • 63% of lapsed users say they’re very likely to purchase if cost drops.
  • Brand reputation and experience both drive product selection. So, if you’re new to the market, the best way to get a leg up is to use an existing brand and focus on scent, because:
    • 76% choose a product based on scent and ease of use.
    • 45% choose a product because they already trust in the brand.
    • 40% choose a product because they’ve had a good brand experience.
  • It’s also a great idea to reinforce your value proposition. So, in addition to looking at price and how good the smell is, think about your packaging strategy too. After all:
    • 77% say good value is communicated through packaging.
    • 58% say premium products must have a long-lasting scent.
    • 51% look at how many uses they can get to determine value.

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