Why 85% of pizza lovers say quality is king.

OOH case study:

Quality matters: exploring why 85% of pizza lovers prioritize it.

The goal.

You slowly pull a fresh slice of pizza from the pie.

Dripping with warm, melty cheese, you quickly bring it to your mouth. And…bite down. Mmmm. As the red sauce and pepperoni hit your tongue, you remember why you love your favorite brand so much. It’s the exact experience this famous chain wants to understand.

From order, to delivery, and that memorable first bite—they need every insight. Every step you take toward that delicious first taste is a chance for this brand to increase their sales. Especially now. The category is shifting. Buyers are ordering on apps and they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Research was required.

This global leader needs answers.

It’s time to uncover new trends and craft an experience that pizza lovers, just like you, will crave. To do it, they’ll need to know how consumers use their app—and their competitors’ too. Only then can they deliver an unforgettable experience and gain a competitive advantage. But, they’ve got to move fast. The competition is watching. Closely. This research needs to be real-time.

H case study: Quality matters: exploring why 85% of pizza lovers prioritize it.

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, the SOTG app locates consumers in real-time. Here, we helped our client look for panelists on pizza delivery apps—including their competitors’. As panelists hit an app, SOTG triggered a survey straight to their phones.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  1. eCommerce behavior: SOTG confirmed their use of a pizza delivery app.
  2. Timely insights: We captured Point of Emotion® insights from 8 different apps.
  3. Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and confirmed via the SOTG app.

The results.

  • Pizza lovers like easy-to-use apps. So, this brand will want to make it simple for fans to order from the app—again and again. And don’t forget those in-app ads to remind them to order. After all:
    • 94% use an order tracker on the app.
    • 75% use a mobile app to order their pizza.
    • 66% use a favorite order feature on the app.
  • Discounts are still important. In fact, many buyers will look for a discount first before they figure out what they want to order. So, make sure you’ve got a strong discount strategy, because:
    • 91% of people are impacted by discounts.
    • 80% say coupons impact their menu selection.
    • 52% look for a coupon, then decide what to order.
  • Quality and variety matter. Your target market likes to choose from a bunch of options and they’re looking at how well you serve up their order. So, pay close attention, after all:
    • 87% order non-pizza items at least somewhat regularly.
    • 85% say quality, tracking and delivery determine their future orders.
    • 69% get chicken wings and 58% order breadsticks as their top non-pizza items.

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