Doggy billboard gets 28% recall.

iOOH™ effectiveness:

How a doggy billboard achieved a 28% consumer recall rate.

The goal.

It’s a multi-million-dollar investment.

You craft high-quality dog food. Puppies everywhere love the taste—and smell—of your product. They’d ask for your dog food by name, but their humans can’t understand “barking”. So, you built a beautiful billboard to help dog owners make the best selection: your pet food. Way to help your furry friends.

But, is it working?

After all, you’ve never measured the impact of out-of-home ads…

They need to reach real buyers exposed
to their ads—in real time, while the data is fresh.

Research was required.

This well-loved pet brand could use some help.

To get it, they need to reach real buyers exposed to their ads—in real time, while the data is as fresh as their dog food. Only then, can they measure brand lift and purchase intent, based on real-time consumer insights. Using the data, our pet food friends can prove the value of out-of-home ads and expand their campaign. Dogs everywhere are depending on their research to work.

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, SOTG locates consumers in real-time. Here, the app triggered a survey in real time as consumers were driving by the billboard. The results were compared to a control, non-exposed group to measure brand lift and recall. The panel fit the client’s target demographic.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  • Raw, emotional feedback: Panelists shared which of the ads left them ready to buy.
  • Geo-targeted insights: The billboard was geofenced to validate drive-by consumers.
  • Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and validated via the SOTG app.
iOOH effectiveness: How a doggy billboard achieved a 28% consumer recall rate.

The results.

  • The ads worked to capture attention and drive awareness in the category.
    • 28% recalled seeing this brand’s digital out-of-home campaign.
    • Recall was strongest with men who buy wet and dry food for their dogs.
  • Bold colors, and a really cute puppy, helped the ad to stand out to drivers as they whizzed by.he idea of product mounted display:
    • 25% chose this brand based on value for the price.
    • A bright orange background in the was identified as its most notable element.
  • The ad sparked healthy levels of purchase consideration for the pet food product.
    • The exposed group sees the brand as high-quality and trustworthy.
    • Non-buyers are now significantly more likely to purchase the produce, after seeing the ad, and dogs everywhere can rejoice.

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