Get 85% to notice your in-store display.

Maximizing in-store display visibility:

achieve an impressive 85% attention rate.

The goal.

It’s a multi-million-dollar investment.

You have two choices. Hear what consumers think of your new point of purchase displays-long before you invest. Or, guess, and hope for the best. This hardware brand wasn’t about to take chances. They needed Point of Emotion® insights to tie their displays directly to sales.

Research was required.

In-person interviews were out.

This brand is at 2,000+ retail stores. And they’d have to compare their concept to other retailer’s POP displays as well. Without the research, they couldn’t commit to a new design.

So, we’d speak to shoppers in real time: at all sites. To do that, we’d send a survey, after witnessing the panelists walk into Lowe’s or The Home Depot. Once inside, we would point them to the displays and ask for feedback—on both the existing design and the new concept. Good thing there’s an app for that.

Case Study - Home Improvement

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, SOTG locates consumers in real-time. Here, the app identified hardware shoppers. And, as they went in-store, the app triggered a survey to this target audience. A 10-minute survey collected their opinions on the display.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  • In-store behavior: SOTG surveyed as consumers stood right in front of the displays.
  • At-home evaluation: From other retails sites with similar merchandising strategies.
  • Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and validated via the SOTG app.

The results.

  • Consumers liked the new display concept:
    • 95% said the new concept is quicker and easier to shop.
    • 92% said the new concept features are appealing to them.
    • 90% said they’d stop and look at the display if they saw it.
  • Even with COVID-19 present, consumers liked the idea of product mounted display:
    • 94% said this type of display is important at the shelf.
    • 89% said it makes them more likely to shop at a retailer.
    • 73% said they preferred this display with COVID-19 concerns in mind.
  • As a result of the research, the client will roll out a successful display strategy: at multiple big-box retailers. With the feedback they received from consumers, they were able to confirm the exact type of display to launch in order to have the highest appeal, findability, and to drive sales. No luck needed.

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