Why 64% shop online — then, go visit a store.

Unveiling consumer behavior:

Why 64% shop online and then visit physical stores.

The goal.

It’s sexy. 

That sleek, white laptop the man behind the counter is showing. You want it. It’s why you went on line to look at all the other options, long before you stepped into the store. 

You’re not alone. 

In fact, we saw 64% of in-store shoppers do research online before going in-store. Now, imagine you’re the laptop brand. Wouldn’t you like to know the full path to purchase? 

Research was required.

You want to know every step. 

To watch buyers before, during, and after their visit. You’d love to catch consumers online, follow them into the store – and then talk to them outside. But, that’s impossible, right? 

Wrong. You have OmniTraffic® data.

Our approach.

Your 24/7 access to in-store + online shoppers. These consumers have given their informed consent to share all their data – all the time, so you can run custom analysis on everything they do. 

Which means, that multi billion-dollar laptop client got: 

  1. OmniTraffic® Data: OmniTraffic® Data validated both online + in-store visits.
  2. Every touch point: Digital data was collected before, during + after the store visit.
  3. Accurate data: Only first-party panelists were used with informed consent (as always).
Unveiling consumer behavior: Why 64% shop online and then visit physical stores.

The results.

  • First, buyers look online:
    • 81% of online researchers looked at multiple retailers.
    • 67% of brand #1 shoppers went searched on line first vs. 49% for brand #2.
    • 64% of shoppers did online research within 2 weeks of visiting the store.
  • Phase 2: Then, they check again + again:
    • 13% of shoppers searched online again, after leaving the store.
    • All 13% were websites and apps for a different retailer than the original store.
    • 9% were actually searching online, while they were still physically inside the store.

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