Ritual Vitamins' impressive 85% brand lift.

Ritual Vitamins

Driving brand lift up 85% Out-of-Home ads

The goal.

Ritual was founded on the belief that better health begins with better ingredients. Their “Not a Miracle” campaign centers on a core message: when it comes to taking care of your health, commitment is essential.

It’s no surprise then, that Ritual took this approach to their Out-of-Home media buys. The brand wanted to prove the ROI of their OOH spends, and see the results backed by real science. Specifically, acquiring new customers and quantifying the perception of the brand were imperative to the campaign.

Ritual needed to talk with consumers directly. Only one Out-of-Home research provider could meet their request. MFour was chosen for their unique OOH validated Brand Lift Methodology. Leveraging MFour’s award-winning Surveys on the Go® app, participants were surveyed pre-flight, and compared to consumers exposed in-flight. The result? An 85% increase in brand awareness and a 70% likeability tied directly to the OOH campaign.

We saw an 85% lift in brand awareness using Out-of-Home ads; measured by MFour. As a result of these campaign findings, Ritual has since invested in OOH buys in Los Angeles and across New York City.

– Emma Woo, Manager of Consumer Insights at Ritual

Our approach.

Female 18+ for both studies

  • Exposed/Unexposed: NYC
  • N100 Subway Riders Pre and During Campaign (N200)
Broader Market Awareness
  • Pulse: NYC and LA
  • N100 per Market/Wave Pre and Post Campaign (N400)
Broader Market Awareness
Awareness lift of 85%
Awareness lift of 85%
Likeability of 70%  (7 out of 10 New York women liked our advertisements.)
Likeability of 70%  (7 out of 10 New York women liked our advertisements.)

The results.

  • As a result of the positive findings from Ritual’s New Year’s campaign, the brand has since invested in additional OOH buys in Los Angeles and across New York City to continue to build awareness while testing new messaging.
  • The brand has also begun to tap into additional offline channels, including OTT and linear television to complement the awareness and brand-building OOH initiatives. 
  • MFour proved the efficacy of the channel in driving key KPIs:
    • Awareness saw an 11-point increase, which is a lift of 85%.
    • Likeability was 70% for those exposed to the ad.
  • Pre-campaign and post-exposure measurement indicated the “Not a Miracle” creative and messaging was extremely effective in growing brand awareness and communicating key messages.
  • Post-exposure brand perceptions showed that outdoor was effective in driving these product associations: Transparency, essentiality, helping women live healthier lives in the long-term.

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