How a hardware brand hit 54% ad recall.

Advertising success:

How a hardware brand achieved 54% ad recall with OOH.

The goal.

You sell hardware.

And, for the latest out-of-home campaign, your target is Hispanic males. You’d like to know how well they’ve received the new ads. Are these ads impacting product sales? Right now, the ads are at malls, gyms, movie theaters and convenience stores… So, what’s working—and what isn’t?

You don’t know.

But, you need to find out. And fast. Because if you can’t show a significant foot traffic spike at each of your retail locations, as a result of the campaign, future outdoor ads are off the table.

…Need to talk with a validated, representative consumer panel…to capture in-the-moment insights.

Research was required.

This major hardware brand needs answers.

To get them, they want to talk with a validated, representative consumer panel. It’s the only way to capture in-the-moment insights for their target audience. With that data, they can measure brand lift, purchase intent for hardware—and expand their out-of-home campaigns—where appropriate.

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, SOTG surveys consumers in real-time. Here, we sent a Point of Emotion® survey, the moment they walked by an ad. Then, the app compared their responses to a control, non-exposed group. From there, we measured brand lift and recall.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  • Raw, emotional feedback: Panelists shared which ads were most effective, and why.
  • Geo-targeted insights: The out-of-home ads were geofenced to validate consumers.
  • Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and validated via the SOTG app.
Advertising Success: How a Hardware Brand Achieved 54% Ad Recall
with OOH.

The results.

  • The ads worked to capture attention and drive awareness in the category.
    • 54% of consumers recalled seeing the client’s OOH ads.
    • A variety of formats were studied: bulletins, posters, and place-based fliers.
  • Foot traffic was measured, along with brand lift. The agency, who worked with the client directly ,was able to show how their creative was driving real, measurable results.
    • 34% increase in purchase intent after viewing the ad.
    • 23% lift in perception of the product’s quality for exposed panelists.
  • The ad sparked healthy levels of purchase consideration for the hardware product.
    • 157% increase in-store visitation after viewing the ad.
    • The out-of-home ad was effective at driving incremental traffic to stores.

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