Validate your OOH campaign's effectiveness.

Validate your OOH campaign’s effectiveness.

The goal.

A large OOH Ad Agency ran a digital OOH ad campaign designed to drive more awareness and usage of a popular digital mobile payment service, specifically through banking apps, and demonstrate how easy the process is in getting money straight into your bank account.

The ad agency needed proof of the ad campaign’s effectiveness and to understand how/where exposure drove visitation and to what degree.

Our approach.

To measure the impact of ads on consumers, we used our “Out-Of-Home” location technology solution to collect opinions within hours of a validated visit to an out of home ad location.

We also collect opinions from an unexposed control group, to measure the exposure-driven lift. The venue types included in this analysis are wallscapes, static and digital bulletins, street furniture, bus shelters, bus wraps, etc.

Specifically, the research will inform:

  • Lifts on band and advertising awareness.
  • Campaign recall.
  • Main message takeaway.
  • Campaign impact on consideration and advocacy.

The results.

Behavior Finding: 

14 days after visiting the retail store, shoppers who had a difficult experience in the retail store visited both Walmart and Target at a higher percentage than those who reported an easy experience.

So what?

Behavior findings validates the effectiveness of the ad agency’s campaign in driving visitation to a leading bank (Bank of America) partnered with the digital payment service (Zelle). Adding behavioral analysis (vSurveys+™) to this research provided proof of the ad agency’s successful campaign beyond stated opinions.

Now what? 

The ad agency now has great ammunition to take to brands it partners with (or potential clients) to prove the effectiveness of their OOH digital campaigns. In short, the ad agency can say, “look at this, we designed a digital ad campaign geared towards driving visitation and saw a +73% lift in validated visitation after exposure to the campaign. Aka, we’re really good at making ad campaigns so parner with us if you need OOH advertising. Or, they can take this research to the brand and say, “the ad campaign we made for you is really successful, commission us for another one!”

Validate your OOH campaign’s effectiveness.

About MFour.

MFour offers a revolutionary end-to-end platform that delivers validated consumer data. Recognizing the pervasive issues of data fraud and industry commoditization undermining data quality, MFour provides a robust solution.

Through the Surveys On The Go® app, MFour collects and validates consumer behaviors, offering deep insights into consumer journeys. This data collection method enables the platform to trigger survey invitations targeted at verified audiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer motivations.

The gathered and validated data is then presented on MFour Studio. As the industry’s only end-to-end platform to build, field then analyze insights, MFour Studio seamlessly integrates validated consumer surveys with real-time app, web, and location data. This integration empowers businesses to gain holistic consumer understanding then make informed decisions.

MFour stands at the forefront of consumer data analytics, combining validated survey and behavior data on a unified platform to enhance business decision-making.

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