Why 74% of omnishoppers are retailer loyal.

Cracking the code:

Unveiling why 74% of omnichannel shoppers stay loyal to retailers.

The goal.

eCommerce is up 41%.1 That’s more in two months than in 10 years—combined.

You’re a billion-dollar brand. A market leader who knows one thing for sure: that your consumer’s buying behavior will probably never be the same again. This isn’t a shift in spending we’re seeing. It’s a full-blown evolution.

So, how do you pivot?

Well, this CPG brand makes it sound simple. Their customer always comes first. So, that’s where they decided to start. The plan was to speak directly with their target audience. Then, pull together their insights. From there, they could craft an ideal omnichannel experience. Because, if the customer is happy, success is soon to follow.

Here’s their story.

Research was required.

All journeys start with a single step.

And, our client’s path to purchase was no different. Or easy. Because, along the road to the register, the buyer faces a lot of obstacles. Especially in the cleaning supply aisle. There’s a lot of competition here: both inside the store and online.

Our client had to stand out. To create an exceptional customer experience. The plan was to team up with Walmart to win category share—and consumers’ hearts. But to do it, they needed in-store and online research. And an omnichannel panel.

Cracking the code: Unveiling why 74% of omnichannel shoppers stay loyal to retailers.
Cracking the code: Unveiling why 74% of omnichannel shoppers stay loyal to retailers.

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, SOTG locates consumers in real-time. It offers a 95% completion rate for standard, brick & mortar and eCommerce panel members. Perfect for the client’s needs.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  1. In-store insights: Shoppers who visited the product inside of the store.
  2. App & Web behavior: Online grocery shoppers who ordered 2+ times a month.
  3. Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and validated via the SOTG app.

The results.

This is the future. A world where buyers expect great prices, stocked shelves, and speedy delivery. To excel here, our client will be delivering on a seamless omnichannel experience. Thanks to the time they put into research.

  • It all starts with a best-in-class fulfillment strategy. Customers have high expectations for online orders. Which means:
    • 49% believe their retailer is as responsible for their order, as the delivery service.
    • 30% choose a retailer based off of their speed in delivering the items they’ve ordered.
    • So, you should track: accuracy, speed, and returns—to create repeat customers with a great experience.
  • Keep the shelves stocked: in-store and online. When they’re ready to buy, shoppers expect you to have their brands ready. That’s why:
    • 86% cite stock or inventory as a barrier to online ordering.
    • 45% will leave an eCommerce cart and go in-person to the store if you’re out online.
    • So, you should ask buyers which items they really need— to focus efforts on keeping those stocked.
  • Be sure to leverage brand connections and create a strong channel strategy. Most buyers choose the retailer they shop at in-person. In fact:
    • 74% have a retailer in mind when ordering on a grocery delivery app.
    • 31% of buyers order online from the retailer that they shop at in-person.
    • So, set up a strong loyalty reward program to build up their online orders.

About MFour.

MFour offers a revolutionary end-to-end platform that delivers validated consumer data. Recognizing the pervasive issues of data fraud and industry commoditization undermining data quality, MFour provides a robust solution.

Through the Surveys On The Go® app, MFour collects and validates consumer behaviors, offering deep insights into consumer journeys. This data collection method enables the platform to trigger survey invitations targeted at verified audiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer motivations.

The gathered and validated data is then presented on MFour Studio. As the industry’s only end-to-end platform to build, field then analyze insights, MFour Studio seamlessly integrates validated consumer surveys with real-time app, web, and location data. This integration empowers businesses to gain holistic consumer understanding then make informed decisions.

MFour stands at the forefront of consumer data analytics, combining validated survey and behavior data on a unified platform to enhance business decision-making.

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