MFour to offer iOS app + web data – to end 113 million iOS user research blind-spot.

Today, MFour announces that iOS app + web data is being offered for surveys and analysis.

In April, Apple’s iOS 14.5 release led to 98% of iPhone owners turning off digital tracking. The release was quite painful to consumer brands, as mobile retail revenue surged 29% in 2021. Without this data, clients can’t reach iOS consumers — the fastest-growing segment.

“Consumers own their shopping and search data, and want to control who gets it,” says MFour CEO’s Chris St. Hilaire. “We believe in Fair Trade Data® — compensating people fairly to share their app + web behaviors — which helps our clients to survey specific behaviors.”

MFour pays its consumer panel through Surveys On The Go®, the nation’s largest and highest-rated survey app; currently tracking 10 million daily journeys.

The United States has 113 million iPhone users. Brands can now reach a representative segment of iOS users for market research in product and advertising decisions. This includes the use of Persona Views™, MFour’s trended view of in-store + online behaviors and insights.

Says St. Hilaire, “47% of all smartphones owners have iPhones. Without this iOS data, you will miss out on half the customer experience. Businesses with multi-million-dollar budgets can’t afford to have a blind-spot.  Our privacy-protected iOS app + web data eliminates it.”

Clients can access this Apple iPhone data by getting a free trial.

By Cathy Karcher

Reviewed by Allyson Wehn

Posted on June 14th, 2021

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