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"MFour is looking farther into the future."

-San Francisco Chronicle

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The Future of Mobile Research

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"The most innovative and responsive research professionals I've worked with."

-Rob LapsleyCEO, California Business Roundtable

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"On the Go" Research

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"Great technology and a great team to work with."

-Bill McInturffPartner & Co-Founder, Public Opinion Strategies

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Built on more than 20 years of market research experience, MFour is defining mobile and its benefits to research professionals. We’re specialists at developing methodologies to unlock the power of mobile and find the hidden truth in consumer perceptions – providing practical, actionable insights to our clients.

Our all-mobile panel and technology provide an unprecedented quality of data in real time. And using the best survey design techniques, we collect information at the point of emotion, allowing clients to instantly enrich their understanding of today’s “on-the-go” consumer.

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