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Are You an Innovation Champ or Chump? Take the Mobile DIY Quiz.


Blog flyingcars 25Jan17


What’s your attitude toward innovation? Here’s a simple, single-question survey to give you useful insights about yourself – if you’re willing to answer honestly, of course.


So let’s get started. Which of these answers best describes your first reaction to the following recent news announcement: “Airbus Group plans to test a prototype for a self-piloted flying car as a way of avoiding gridlock on city roads by the end of the year.”

  1. This is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.
  2. Interesting, but I don’t think it will work.
  3. I doubt they’ll be able to make it safe, affordable, and non-polluting.
  4. I’m interested in seeing how they’ll tackle the obvious safety and affordability issues.
  5. I admire this company’s innovative spirit. I hope they’ll pull it off.

Here’s what your answer means:

  • If you selected #1: Your mind’s in a box, and new ideas may never get in. Get a box cutter.
  • If you selected #2: Your skepticism is reasonable, but are you really open to new ideas?
  • If you selected #3: Your mind’s analytical, but that negative predisposition could be self-defeating.
  • If you selected #4: You’re innovation-receptive, prudently aware of challenges, yet open to possibilities. You’re in a good place.
  • If you selected #5: You’re an enthusiastic innovation-embracer. Applauding others’ ideas and efforts means you may well have some visions of your own to pursue – and to one day make real.

Thanks for taking the survey and considering our analysis. Now we’d like to give you a first-hand experience of innovation. It’s MFourDIY™ – the only advanced, all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building tool. If you’re feeling boxed in by slow, inaccurate data from outdated online and “mobile optimized” survey methodology, here’s your way out. Just click here and see for yourself.