Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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LA is getting yoked.

Is it too late to get that summer bod? Nah… We’ve still got August, right?

LA Fitness visits are up 47% in the city of angels. And with their visitation to all travel websites up across the board this month, it seems they may be gearing up for one last vacation hoorah.

LA also seems to be the destination of travel considering that Enterprise Rent-a-Car visits are up 35%.

“Nobody walks in LA!”

Contrary to the song, a lot of people are walking in LA, and shopping, too. After missing a lot of summer shopping last year (due to COVID) people need new clothes that they put off buying. They’re doing that in droves at Nordstrom (⬆32%), JC Penny (⬆30%) and H&M (⬆39%).

While they’re out and about, it looks like a good time to grab an ice cream, and cool down, given the heatwave. Then, to hop on over to Hobby Lobby (⬆31%) and pick up a few pieces for their likely re-decorated house — cuz we know homeowners have been going crazy lately.

Costco app exodus. 

Active app grocery shoppers in Los Angeles declined across the board in June. Drops ranged from as little as 10% for Albertsons to 25% for Target, to as heavy as Costco at 51%

But why did Costco drop so much relative to its competitors? Find out.

This could have something to do with the recent easing of COVID restrictions on shopping, however, may quickly be reversed based on new policy changes based on the Delta variant.

In fact, LA just put mask mandates back in place, which may push consumers back to apps, and this will likely reflect in our upcoming July data in Atlas Views.

Category shifts.

If we look at the websites of some large retail chains, we can see Walmart continue to trend up in visitation, month over month. 

Meanwhile, other big-box retailers (like Target + Costco) are noticeably down (6%) and (17%), respectively. This hints that Walmart website visits are being held up by their non-grocery products.

But that’s just a guess. Does this mean you should expand your product line? Research it. Not getting enough web traffic? Find out why. Otherwise, you’re going to lose your customers to your competition.

What about the Empire state?

At first glance, things don’t look too different. For instance, in NYC, Walmart app shoppers are down 19% as opposed to 12% in LA. 

But when you dig past the surface level it’s all different. Consider this…

 Target app shoppers are actually up 1% as opposed to down 25% in LA. Want to understand why? Only Atlas Paths could get you an accurate answer.

New York cats get more treats.

I don’t know if there was a coordinated effort by all the cats in NYC to sit on the keyboards of everyone working from home this month, but for some reason, their owners went to PetSmart more than usual in June with a 26% rise in foot traffic.

If you work for PetSmart, find out why. If you don’t, but you sell into the pet category, you may want to figure out why your foot traffic isn’t rising as fast since we know for all pet categories, in-store shopping beats online

Consumer electronics are up.

T-Mobile is back at it, with a 67% increase in their foot traffic to Metro by T-Mobile stores, and a 36% increase in their foot traffic to their standard stores. They seem to be making quite a play for Verizon. At the same time, Verizon has been heavily promoting their 5G focus, and offering consumers free phones. This will be a cool one to track in the coming months.

Apple is on the rise, too. Their foot traffic is up 26% from May to June. Not only that but just this week, Apple overtook Samsung in phone sales for the 1st time in 4 years! See why.

If your foot traffic is lagging, check this out.

NYC is getting beautified.

Makeup is one of those things that many consumers put on the back burner in 2020. 

But it must be time to stock up again at Ulta Beauty (⬆27%). After all, we know that 62% of shoppers preferred shopping at Ulta during COVID, and 81% go there to buy make-up.

Cool, so what now?

Things are changing, and it’s time to keep track of what your consumer base is up to. Now is the time to dig into the data and find out the best times, places and channels to influence consumers. 

After all, we know that consumers will spend $5k this summer, each on these 5 things. Start there. Use Atlas to get your insights, and get ready to reach consumers.

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